Oceans are Warming up Faster Than it was Preconized


Based on new research is it safe to say that the warming of the ocean is accelerating more rapidly than the scientists estimated. The analysis was published a few days ago in Science, a journal that is reviewed by peers. It came to the conclusion that the oceans of our planet are heating way faster than it should, more specifically with 40 percent faster than was estimated half a decade ago by the United Nations.

Zeke Hausfather is an environmental economist at the University of California Berkeley and co-author of the paper. Hausfather said in a statement:

According to an environmental economist at the University of California Berkeley and co-author of the paper, Zeke Hausfather, if you do not believe that the global morning is a real thing, you should take a look at our oceans. One important indicator of climate change is the ocean heating, and there is plenty of evidence showing that it happens faster than expected.

A critical marker of the climate change is the ocean heating due to the fact that 93 percent of the excess solar energy trapped by greenhouse gases accumulates in the world’s oceans. The point is that the ocean temperatures do not get affected by the variations caused by the early climate events such as the volcanic eruptions or El Nino, as the surface does.

Four studies published between 2014 and 2017 were analyzed and three of them calculated the ocean heat content back to 1970 and before via new correcting for calibration biases and errors methods, those being found in the data. The fourth one has a different approach. It gets used of the fact that oxygen is released to the atmosphere due to the warming ocean and it calculates the ocean warming from the changes that happen in atmospheric oxygen concentrations.


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