New Road Links Tuktoyaktuk To Arctic Coast


If you live in the North West Territories it will soon be a heck of a lot easier to get yourself to the Arctic coast if you so choose, as a new very expensive road has been built that will get you there!

The new 300 million dollar road replaces the seasonal ice road that was only passable for part of the year, and will cross a series of lakes, bridges and streams before ending at the Arctic coast.

“It’s something that’s been on the community’s want list for 40 years,” said darrel Nasogaluak, mayor of the Northwest Territories hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk.

“I’ve travelled a lot of highways, but the scenery on this one is quite different,” he said.

The new road is 2-lanes of all-weather gravel and is approximately 120 kilometers in length.

The new road is most certainly going to be a tourist attraction, as it will now be easier than ever to check out the Arctic coast and to prepare for an uptake in visitors to the area, the people of Tuktoyaktuk are taking action.

The local bed and breakfast is adding additional rooms, and new RV sites are being installed.

Weighing in on the new road, first talked about back in the 60’s, and proposed to Ottawa in the late 90’s, Infrastructure Minister Wally Schumann stated: “When you come out of Inuvik, for about 20 kilometres you don’t realize how much you’re going uphill. The trees just get smaller and smaller and smaller and all of a sudden you’re on the top of a mountain and there’s no trees and you can see about 100 kilometres on both sides of the highway.

“It’s an amazing feeling.”

The new road will also make it much easier to shuttle supplies into the area which will have a definite impact on the cost of living in the area.


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