New Delhi Called a Gas Chamber By State Chief Minister


Businesses, schools and public establishments are closed across New Delhi due to polution levels that have made it very dangerous to be outside your home.

A public health advisory was issued yesterday by the Indian Medical Association and officials are urging residents to stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to go outside.

Smog levels are often high at this time of year, but over the past few years the situation appears to be getting worse.

Particular air particles known as PM 2.5 are oversaturating the air right now, and according to officials with the American Embassy prolonged exposure to these particles at this level is comparible to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.

Taking to Twitter, state’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, stated: “Delhi has become a gas chamber. Every year this happens during this part of year. We have to find a soln to crop burning in adjoining states.”

More than 45,000,000 people live in the city, that is blanketed in smog as a result of vehicle emissions, smoke from fireworks set off as part of the Hindu festival of lights celebration and smoke from burning crops from neighboring states.

In an October article in the medical journal The Lancet, authors noted that in 2015, air polution was responsible for more than 2.5 million deaths in India.


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