NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System Shut Down by Trump Administration


Gas emissions are a real problem for our planet and CO2 levels continue to grow every day. Despite these problems, it appears that officials are not interested in helping. In fact, thins become even worse. Recently, the Trump Administration decided to kill NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System.

This system was essential for scientists as it managed to compile data from various aircraft and satellite measurements of CO2 and methane emission from all around the world. Without it, it will be a lot harder for experts to measure the emissions.

Not only that this affects the United States of America, but it affects the entire world, as many nations used this data in order to check if they meet the quotas mentioned in the Paris climate accords. The US is the only nation on Earth that is not part of the accord.

Paris climate accords can’t be checked

According to Kelly Sims Gallagher, Director of Tufts University’s Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, if no one measures the emissions, countries won’t know who keeps their promises from the Paris climate accords.

A NASA spokesperson revealed that existing grants like the Carbon Monitoring System will be allowed to finish, but there will be no new research after that. It was also revealed that other research was considered more important and there are budget constraints.

The Trump administration appears to be against all earth science programs that focus on climate change. When it came to budget cuts, these programs were the first ones mentioned.

Carbon dioxide emissions worse than ever

This is the worst moment to shut down the Carbon Monitoring System as the carbon dioxide levels are higher than ever. In fact, they passed a new monthly average of 410.31 parts per million in the month of April.


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