If the Sun Dies, Will You Survive?


In case the Sun runs out of fuel, and it dies, both Mars and Earth will become barren, charred worlds.  The atmosphere and the oceans of the plants will begin to boil and eventually they will be tripped away becoming roasted, airless worlds in comparison to the contemporary Mercury. The rocky, inner planets of the Solar System will not be the only ones to suffer.

Let’s get more into details

The red giants we know are not only large, but they also have extremely high temperatures and shine a great times brighter than the Sun. Our Solar system will be invaded by extreme temperatures and melt their way through the Universe. The asteroids will no longer have their volatile components because they will melt to their rocky nuclei which will be left behind.

As the Sun will enter this phase, the gas giant worlds will not end because they are approximatively made out of gas, and they will even grow bigger. All these giant we are talking about are times bigger than the Jupiter itself. They are like indestructible gas giants worlds which laugh at our planet for not being like them and not surviving the end of our beloved Sun. They will eat it and make the Universe how they want to live the small ones to die boiling.

The vast amounts of mass that will leave the Sun will also encounter these gas giants worlds which also have massive gravitational fields. The matter which will encounter their atmosphere will make a cosmic splat making them more prominent in size and even more “evil.” After everything is done happening, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn will be more massive and even more extensive than they are at the moment.

However, maybe scientists will find a way to save the Sun.


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