Greenland Is Melting Faster Now As More Rain Is Pouring Down Over The Region


The more frequent the rain is pouring down over Greenland, the faster the ice is melting, according to a new study. The Arctic winter surprised scientists because they did not expect rain to be still falling. There is a massive store of frozen water that the massive Greenland ice sheet holds, so scientists oversee it.

Coastal population centers around the world will be threatened if all that ice melts because the sea level would rise by seven meters. Scientists discovered the areas where the ice sheet melts by studying satellite images. They gathered data from 20 automated weather stations and combined it with those images.

You can take a look at the study in the journal The Cryosphere so that you would know the details better. The melting of the ice had been triggered on numerous occasions between 1979-2012. Those mostly happened in the summertime when the temperature rises. However, what surprised scientists are that this happened during the permanent dark of the polar winter when temperatures would be well below freezing.

Greenland is melting faster due to more frequent rain

Dr. Marilena Oltmanns, the lead author of the study, of the GEOMAR ocean research center in Germany, told BBC News that the researchers “were surprised that there was rain in the winter. It does make sense because we’re seeing flows of warm air coming up from the South, but it’s still surprising to see that associated with rainfall.”

Professor Marco Tedesco, another scientist in this new study, from Columbia University in New York, said that essential implications could happen. No matter what happens with the rain, it still affects the consistency of the ice sheet and pre-conditions it to melt faster when summer comes in Greenland.

The ice melts faster because the darker it is, the more heat it absorbs. Now that more rain is pouring down over Greenland, more ice would meltdown.


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