Global Warming’s Consequences Are Intensifying And We Can’t Hide From Them, NASA says


Over the past few months, unfortunately, heat records have been broken all over the world. For instance, at the beginning of July, the temperature in Ouargla, Algeria, managed to reach 51.3 C, which is the highest ever that has been recorded in Africa.

The temperatures in the eastern and southwestern United States and southeastern Canada have also hit record highs.

For example, in Montreal, people were shocked by temperatures of 36.6 C, which were the highest ever that have been recorded there.

There have also been record-breaking extreme midnight heat and humidity, which was a horrible experience shared by people in Ottawa.

Lots of people have even died from heat-related causes in Quebec, and this is more than concerning.

The Middle East, Europe and Eurasia have all reached all-time record temperatures and what’s even worse is that the high temperatures that hit the Arctic caused the sea ice to melt.

This exposed more dark sea areas which have been absorbing more heat than ice resulting in feedback loops. All of this is causing the weakening of the polar jet stream and this affects the temperatures in mid-latitudes.

2016 was the warmest year on record 

“Most of the warming occurred in the past 35 years, with 16 of the 17 warmest years on record occurring since 2001. Not only was 2016 the warmest year on record, but eight of the 12 months that make up the year—from January through September, with the exception of June—were the warmest on record for those respective months,” NASA stated.

As equatorial zones heat up, creating drought, water shortages, agricultural losses, and inhospitable conditions, we will probably see more refugees fleeing to cooler areas with better resources.

Despite all these, there are still organizations and governments who claim that there’s no climate change here and they even fight against the measures taken to address the crisis of our planet.


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