Fossilized Fish May Teach Us Details About The Day Dinosaurs Were Killed By The Asteroid That Hit Earth


We may be about to learn more details on the day when an asteroid hit Earth and killed the dinosaurs about 66 million years ago.

And all this, thanks to the discovery of a fossilized fish. The info is pretty interesting, and it provides some exciting new details on what happened back then.

Fossils bring back older memories since the asteroid hit Earth

According to a new study, the amazingly preserved fossils some of which are fish with hot glass in their gills have been found in North Dakota’s Hell Creek Formation.

These are believed to have been formed after the asteroid hit the planet into Mexico, causing flaming debris to rain on the ground, says a press release from the University of Kansas.

These fossils provide the first-ever “detailed snapshot of the terrible moments right after the Chicxulub impact — the most cataclysmic event known to have befallen life on Earth,” the release states.

66 million years ago, the huge impact wiped out about 75% of the animal and plant species that were living on Earth and these included dinosaurs as well.

The release stated that the fossilized creatures used to live close to a deeply chiseled river and a rushing surge of water in the minutes after the impact created a “tangled mass of freshwater fish, terrestrial vertebrates, trees, branches, logs, marine ammonites, and other marine creatures.”

The fish were killed “pretty suddenly because of the violence of that water,” according to the study’s co-author, David Burnham.

One of the fossilized fish had broken in half after it hit a tree, he said.

He continued and said “We’ve understood that bad things happened right after the impact, but nobody’s found this kind of smoking-gun evidence.

“People have said, ‘We get that this blast killed the dinosaurs, but why don’t we have dead bodies everywhere?’ Well, now we have bodies. They’re not dinosaurs, but I think those will eventually be found, too.”


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