Footage Of The Meteor That Exploded With 10x The Energy Of Atomic Bomb In Hiroshima Is Out


It was recently reported that the US Air Force recorded a massive meteor explosion in December 2018.

It seems that a giant space rock exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Suspiciously, the massive meteor flew unnoticed until it blasted when hit the Earth’s atmosphere over the Bering Sea, near Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula.

NASA missed the explosion, and this is what most people found really strange when the news emerged.

Images are out

The New Scientist reported that the evidence of the Dec. 18 blast off Russia was captured by a camera on the Jimawari-8 weather satellite.

The BBC reported that the asteroid measured a few meters and it had huge impact energy – 173 kilotons. It exploded 15 miles above the Earth’s surface and as we already said if it hit Earth there would have been some massive damage.

It was also reported that the bomb that has been dropped on Hiroshima had the energy of 15 kilotons, so the one produced by the meteor seems to have been ten times higher.

It also looks like only one impact that took place in 2000 was more powerful than this one.

Here’s the video posted by Simon Proud.


People were quite impressed to see the images but they also had some questions.

Someone asked”Very impressive, great work. Is it possible to write an algorithm to search for dust clouds we may have missed?”

Simon responded: “That would be very challenging as these things are so rare, not much data to work with! But I guess it could be possible, yes. We already have similar algorithms to search for smoke/fire plumes.”

One other Twitter said “My friend who uses bio-resenance equipment for health noticed a change in the earth’s magnetic field before Christmas. It has since cleared. It must have been this.”

Here’s what Dr. Simon Proud of the Atmospheric Physics Department told Sky News: “We process the Himawari data ‘live’ as it comes in from the satellite and then archive all the resulting images and science data. So for this video, I just had to go back into our archive and grab the right images.”

Stay tuned for more details regarding the meteor explosion.


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