Find Out Where You Would’ve Lived When Dinosaurs Were Roaming The Earth


Business Insider reports that there’s a digital globe on the Ancient Earth, which makes it possible to check out where your hometown would have been 750 million years ago.

As you know, Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and this makes it seem that 750 million years is not that long after all. But, on the other hand, a lot can change during this time, that’s for sure.

300 million years ago, the world was one single continent called Pangaea. About 200-150 years ago, it started to split into two parts – Laurasia and Gondwana.

The planet morphed into the way it is today with time and also due to the slow movement of the tectonic plates.

Where would your hometown have been?

The online publication mentioned above notes that there’s a digital globe rendering of the Ancient Earth that shows where your hometown would have been 750 million years ago. This means 150 million years before the first multi-cellular life forms developed.

Scientist Ian Webster used data from a software platform called G-Plates and created a digital globe where you can see where and when you would have lived in various points in Earth’s history.

“The map consists of 91 paleogeographic maps spanning the Phanerozoic and late Neoproterozoic periods, illustrating the ancient configuration of the ocean basins and continents, as well as important features including mountains, shallow sea, and deep oceans,” Business Insider writes.

The online publication writes that they searched where NYC would have been at various stages in history, and you can see the pink point below – that’s NYC.

Four hundred million years ago, the very first vertebrates began walking the Earth, and the landscape looked very different from the way that it is now.

It seems that back when the dinosaurs were walking the Earth, NYC would have been closer to Morocco than how it is today.

Also, researchers said that the Earth’s plates will eventually become a supercontinent in about 300 million years from now and they called it Amasia.


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