East Coast Cold Cripples Eastern US


East Coast cold brings life to a standstill

It has been a long time since we have experienced this type of deep freeze, both in Canada as well as in certain parts of the eastern United States as Mother Nature has decided to remind us just how much winter can suck.

South of the border, east coast residents were digging out over the weekend following a tremendous snow storm that brought with it some of the coldest temperatures on recent record.

The frigid temps follow on the heals of what is being called the “bomb cyclone” that descended on the U.S. last week, which is responsible for as many as 22 deaths.

How cold did it get?

So just how cold did it get this weekend? In New York, it dropped to -15 degrees Celsius on Sunday and combined with the heap of snow that they also got, JFK airport was forced to cancel more than 90 flights and close their international terminal for a short time.

“Airlines remain in recovery mode, rebooking passengers from canceled flights and reuniting passengers with their luggage,” said a statement released by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. “Frigid temperatures continue to cause equipment failures and slower than normal operations. Customers may experience residual delays, particularly for international flights,” it added in a statement.

In Boston, the Sunday temp was a chilly -19 C, the coldest it has been in the city since 1896.

The famous Vermont ski resort, Killington, also had to shut things down on Saturday even though ski conditions were perfect: “It’s just too cold to put folks out there,” the resort said on its website.

“The magnitude of the cold and the area of coverage of the cold is really what’s impressive to me,” said meteorologist Ed Vallee, owner of Vallee Weather

Canada not off the hook

North of the border, we have been experiencing our own woes when it comes to winter weather.

As a severe storm swept across Atlantic Canada and the East Coast, temps plummitted as far west as Ontario, where on New Year’s Day, Ottawa reported its coldest temperature since back in 1873, of -27, before factoring in the wind chill.


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