Earthquake Postpones National Exam In South Korea


Students across South Korea preparing to take a major exam that will either get them into university or not, are twiddling their thumbs after their exam was postponed following an earthquake.


The quake, measuring 5.4 hit the south-eastern port city of Pohang on Wednesday afternoon, and since then there have been many smaller aftershocks.


This is the second largest earthquake to hit South Korea, and as a result more than 50 people have been injured and more than 1500 are homeless after their homes were destroyed.


According to officials more than 1000 buildings have been destroyed and many others have been severely damaged.


The nationwide exam, which students spend months preparing for, has never been postponed since its inception, but due to safety reasons has now been rescheduled for next week.


How serious is this exam to the potential of thousands of students across the country? So much so that aircraft are banned from taking off or landing for half an hour to reduce distraction during the exam listening section.


“It’s a bit hellish thinking I have to do this for one more week,” 20-year-old Cho Hyun-lee told the Reuters news agency. “People are dispirited, lying with their faces down.”


“It feels like I was turning the handle on the exit door from hell then returned to square one,” high school senior Lee Yoon-mi told Reuters. “If you’re not a test-taker, you could never understand.”


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