Coral Reefs are More and More Affected by Global Warming


It comes as no surprise that global warming is having a great impact over nature, both species and natural habitats. If in forest global warming gets to manifest itself by changing temperatures, influencing the weather conditions, making it either too hot, too dry or too windy for some plant or even animals to survive as they used, the same can be said about the fact that global warming has a great impact over coral reefs.

It is only natural to imagine the fact that this effect is in no way beneficial for them but we must be aware of what is going on in order to fix it. If you want to learn more about this issue then please read on!

Global warming vs. coral reefs

From the damage that has already been done we can understand that global warming is impacting the resistance that reefs have, and even worse, weakening this resilience leads to hurting the people and the animals that depend on the existence of coral reefs.

To be more exact, after the Great Barrier Reef experienced an enormous heatwave two years ago, water temperatures were seen to skyrocket to levels that were never recorded before, such as a 3 to 4 degrees Celsius over the allowed heat threshold. It is only normal that this would affect the wildlife. For instance, staghorn and tabular corals started to die off since they could not adapt to the harsh change.

Due to such extreme changes, these ecosystems are subject to a monumental shift that, if not addressed, could lead to a complete ecosystem failure which could end up killing off one of the most beautiful ecosystems out there. Other factors such as cyclones also pose a threat to the stability and the longevity of these ecosystems but global warming has the most influence.


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