Climate Barbie Catherine McKenna Calls Out Rebel Reporter


Twitter was abuzz on Friday after Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna went on the offensive on Friday, demanding that Rebel reporter Christopher Wilson stop referring to her as “climate Barbie.”

She confronted the reporter on Friday during a news conference in Vancouver, after he asked her a question about hydroelectricity.

“So you’re the Rebel Media that happens to call me ‘climate Barbie.’ I certainly hope that you will no longer use that hashtag,” McKenna said.

Following their exchange, many Canadians voiced their support for the Environment Minister.

“Bravo @cathmckenna for calling out the misogyny. Keep doing it for you, your girls, and all of us. Sincere thanks. .braveandstrong,” wrote one Twitter

In his defense, Wilson tweeted that he would stop referring to her as climate Barbie, but that he did not have editorial control when it came to Rebel site content.

He appeared to have a sudden change of heart however, as shortly after the news conference he tweeted: “Our Alberta bureau chief coined the phrase “Climate Barbie”, a reference to McKenna’s shallowness. She did not disprove that tonight.”

The Rebel founder Ezra Levant, took to Twitter to retaliate, and did not hold back, using the newly coined nickname repeatedly:

“Appointed to fill a gender quota; unable to control her emotions when criticized; spends taxes on vanity photo shoots. .ClimateBarbie fits,” Levant wrote.


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