Cell Phone Radiation Guidelines Released In California


Cell phone radiation guidelines released by California Department of Public Health

Cell phone radiation guidelines have been a focal point of discussion for quite a while now, as recent studies have suggested that using your little communicator too much can expose you to dangerous levels of radiation.

We know damn well that cell phones are dangerous when it comes to our health however in case you need to be reminded, This is the new message coming from the California Department of Public Health, as if we did not know this already.

With landlines a thing of the past, everybody and their grandmother now uses a cell phone of some shape, size or colour, and believe me, we all know the risk of using them when it comes to cancer because we’ve heard this before but have simply chosen to ignore it.

Cigarettes can kill you too! Now unless you live under a rock, you might not know this but for the millions of smokers who do not, they have been made painfully aware of how bad smoking is when it comes to their lung health. They, Just, don’t, care.

Personally, I do not like the thought of developing brain cancer so I take this stuff seriously, and honestly so should you.

Health conditions associated with radiation exposure

Besides brain cancer, there are other notable health conditions that could possibly be brought about by too much exposure to radiation. They include infertility, headaches, memory loss and difficulty sleeping.

The most recent actual study to suggest a link between radiation and brain cancer, is yet to be published and featured rats as the test subjects.

Researchers exposed the rats to RF radiation for up to 9 hours a day, from when the rats were first born until they reached two years of age.

They found that some male rats had higher risk of developing tumors but in some cases, rats exposed to the radiation did outlive those rats who were not.

“I’m not going to stop using my mobile phone in the light of this,” Kevin McConway, emeritus professor of applied statistics at The Open University, said.

Well that appears to be a risk he is willing to take, and maybe down the road he will regret that statement.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) RF radiation, that emitted by cell phones is “possibly carcinogenic.”

One could make the argument, and rightfully so, that
there are many, many aspects of life that include carcinogenic items, for example barbeques. Now I know that BBQ’s do pose a risk factor, but am I going to stop using mine in the summer? Hell no!

Guidelines to reduce radiation exposure

The guidelines released by health officials in California include: not using your cell phone if you are in an area of low reception, reducing your cell phone use when it comes to streaming audio or updating large files, using headphones with your cell phone when chatting to people, not sleeping with your phone, and for women, carrying your phone in your purse instead of in your pocket.

“We recognize that there are a lot of people in the general public that have some concerns about their cell phones and whether using a cell phone is safe,” said Dr. Karen Smith of the California Department of Public Health.

“When you sleep, you keep the cell phone at least arm’s length away from your body. And also, not carrying your cell phone in your pocket, having it either
in your purse or not carrying it with you,” Smith advised.

Smith also stated that young children are particularly susceptible to having impaired brain development if they spend too much time on their cell phones due to the harmful impact of radiation exposure.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) realizes the dangerous aspect of cell phone usage, having recently labelled cell phone radiation as a carcinogen.

We can thank the persistence of University of California, Berkeley, researcher Dr. Joel Moskowitz who sued the state to release at what was at that time, confidential data on cell phone use and risk factors associated with the devices.

Moskowitz stated that this information needed to be released because by not making it public, Americans were being harmed.

Now, why on earth would the state of California want to keep potentially life threatening data such as this a secret?

I can only guess, to keep the massive telecom companies nice and happy as they make trillions of dollars a year off Americans when it comes to cell phone usage.

“Now more than ever, Americans need real-world, relevant data on how much radiation is emitted from cell phones and the other wireless devices that pervade our lives. Until this information is publicly available, taking steps to lower exposure to wireless radiation is prudent,” Smith concluded.

It is estimated that 95 percent of people living in America use a cell phone on a regular basis.

Recent data released also indicates that children as young as 10 years of age are using these devices.


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