Badass Spider Devours One On The Most Venomous Snakes On The Planet


It’s a known fact that Australia is filled with some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Not too long ago, a nature enthusiast who was taking some photos in an Australian winery witnessed quite a horror show.

He saw a fierce battle between a lethal Australian redback spider and a venomous Eastern brown snake. This sort of snake is one of the most venomous beings known to man.

The nature lover was able to film the whole things, and they now have some pretty impressive images which were able to capture to fight between the two horrible creatures. He decided to post the pics on a popular Australian photography group.

The of these pictures reportedly focus on the redback spider which the creature showing quite an impressive set of skills. It seems that it was able to hit and trap the snake in its web.

The spider eventually devoured the snake

The spider could pull the upper body of the snake from the ground even if it was much bigger than itself and it suspended it with the help of a thick web threat.

The snake wasn’t able to move anymore, and the spider won the fight by biting the snake and injecting a lethal dose of its potent venom which was able to kill the snake in just a few minutes.

This sort of snake is a really dangerous one, and its venom is ranked as the second most toxic one coming from a land snake.

The fight was extremely violent, but this is how it goes when predators are involved.

Both the snake and the spider are attacking only when they’re confident that they can defeat the prey. But in this case…there could be only one.

The Australian redback spider usually eats insects and small lizards, but the lethal venom that they have allows them to defeat bigger prey as well.


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