Asteroid Tsunami Warning: The U.S. Coast Is In Danger, Says Famous Scientist


A scientist has a terrifying warning for the U.S. reports that an asteroid that would plunge into the Pacific Ocean would “wipe out the entire west coast of North America”, according to a scientist.

According to the online publication, Apophis 99942 is a 370-meter-wide near-Earth space rock that has caused a short period of concern back in December 2004.

Then there was an initial observation which showed a probability of up to 3% that it could hit Earth on April 13, 2029.

Back in 2006, experts ruled the date out and determined that Apophis would pass through a gravitational keyhole – this is a small region of space where a planet’s gravity is altered.

Experts were able to calculate that this might set up a future impact a few years from now, on April 23, 2036.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s warning

The online publication writes that Neil deGrasse Tyson warned what would happen if the rock did crash into earth.

As you may already know, the famous expert is an American astrophysicist and author. He revealed his research during a public lecture with Ryan Watt in San Francisco in 2008.

He said: “In the era of observing the cosmos with technology, this will be the closest biggest thing we will ever see. The orbit we now have for it is uncertain enough, because these things are hard to measure, we cannot tell you exactly where that trajectory will be.”

He continued and said that “We know it won’t hit Earth, we know it will be closer than the orbiting satellites. But there is a 600-mile zone – we call it the keyhole – and if the asteroid goes through the middle of that it will hit the Earth 13 years later. It will hit 500 miles west of Santa Monica.”

Dr. Tyson continued and explained how the impact of the asteroid in the ocean would be able to cause a tsunami.

He added: “If it goes through the center, it will plunge down into the Pacific Ocean to a depth of three miles, at which point it explodes, caveating the Pacific in a hole that’s three miles wide.”

UPDATE: In order not to create panic, we must highlight the fact that back in 2008, NASA reaffirmed the chance of Apophis impacting Earth in 2036 as being 1 in 45,000. Since then, the risks have been recalculated and the possibility of such a disaster became even lower. 


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  1. Why is it that we can’t just prepare to destroy the asteroid with a missile when it’s close enough, like we have weapons that could obviously destroy it. We would just need to be able to shoot it up into space and guide it towards the asteroid when it’s close enough.

    1. The problem is that you then create thousands of chunks boulders and debris thst would rain down on the earth

      1. That is fine, small debris will burn up in the atmosphere. The problem is lining up 2 incredibly fast moving projectiles in mid flight. Tests have already shown we do not have guidance capabilities.

  2. STFU. No “asteroid” has ever or ever will hit Earth, the only solid object in the “universe” is Earth. Flat and stationary.
    Space as taught is pure fiction. Famous scientist LOL, famous bullshitter.

    1. Unbelievable how mindless some people are. The moon, sun and all the observable planets are round and you think the Earth is flat? How does that compute in that cellless cranium of yours?

    2. You should do some research, a huge asteroid hit earth millions of years ago. It hit what we now know as Australia. Dumbfuck.

      1. Nah you’re just brainwashed

        How does it feel to be both so arrogant and so ignorant at the same time?

        You’re in here throwing around insults like a low intelligence savage but I bet you think you’re smart smh

        The earth most definitely is flat and unmoving and I’ll debate anyone on that FACT

          1. Slinging insults and quoting elitist controlled “scientists” seems to be the only “evidence” globalists seem to be able to produce as “proof” of a globe earth. Simple observation tells a different story. When the concept of a globe earth was introduced in Europe, a couple of centuries ago, people were sentenced to death if they continued to believe the earth is not a globe. The idea of a globe earth was literally forced on the masses through fear of execution. This doesn’t prove the earth is flat, but it does raise questions. I notice people believe asteroids and meteorites have hit the earth before, millions of years ago. Can you prove it? Did you see it happen? Are you just repeating something you heard from a so-called “expert”? People who insist the earth is a globe tend to come across as uneducated and ignorant. The only concrete proof they provide to support their position is “moron” or “idiot”. In this article, “scientists” are saying the chances of an asteroid hitting the earth are very low, but if it does they can pinpoint when it will hit and where it will hit and what will happen as a result. Really?

        1. Ok explain lunar eclipses where we see the shape of the earth on the moon. If the earth was flat we would see a flat line. No debate needed thank you I don’t debate with morons.

      2. Ok the earth is not flat fuck tard so how bout you dumbass go to space and look at earth it is a spreare and we all can agree that a basketball is round but the basketball court is flat

    3. Vancouver the 1970’s I was at the PNE (Western CNE) and at a Vendor’s Gaming Stand, I won the 1St prize (Biggest Panda Bear)
      I landed near center a .25 bit/twenty five cent piece , on a Flat China plate at 10 feet away…..So U R Dead*… Wrong!a
      * depending on plate location

    4. Dude, just do us a favor, start walking and when you get to the edge of the Earth, take a selfie, and a step backwards. Cheers.

  3. Durward: you know nothing of which you speak!

    The earth has been impacted many, many times by asteroids and other space debris in the past and will continue to be impacted in the future!

    One of those may even be a “Great Extinctor”

  4. I’m not spiteful of anyone here.
    Some of this is how people choose to comment now. I just wish people wouldn’t call other people some of the things that they do. I wish all comments were free of innuendo and obvious spite. So what if people don’t know something? Maybe they were too busy doing something good to have time for remedial education. We’ve head the old saw about “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.” But we can never do that.

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