An Open Letter To Support Urgent Action To Reduce Carbon Emissions Was Released By Prominent Group Of Canadians


Climate change is a harsh reality, and now Canada took action in order to try and tackle the problem.

An important group of Canadians and international men and women released the text of an Open Letter to Canadians that will be published shortly.

It addresses urgent action to reduce carbon emissions including the need for next-generation nuclear technology that should be part of the mix.

“Despite a vocal but dwindling ‘anti-nuke’ contingent stuck in last century’s political battles,” said David Schumacher, the organizer of the initiative, “these innovative nuclear power efforts deserve the support of government, industry, and all Canadians. Without nuclear, it is going to be impossible to tackle climate change, so everyone has a stake in the success of these efforts.”

The Open Letter has been signed by 25 influential individuals including “Frank McKenna, former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. and former premier of New Brunswick; Steven Pinker, Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard University; Madeleine Redfern, Mayor of Iqaluit;  Barry Blitt, Illustrator/Cartoonist at The New Yorker Magazine; Andrew Rowe, Director of the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems at University of Victoria; Ross Koningstein, who leads Climate and Energy Research at Google, and Dr. Mark Boyce, Professor of Ecology at University of Alberta,” as reported by News Wire. There are also important climate change activists involved and more.

Next-generation energy technologies are welcomed

Schumacher added that they applaud the Canadian companies and engineers for their research and development into a broad range of next-gen energy technologies which include small modular technologies and also the federal government for backing them.

He also highlighted that these technologies could be complex game changers in the climate fight and Canada’s leadership in the field is something that the country should be extremely proud of.

You can read the complete letter and see the list of names who signed it here.


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