Electronic Apocalypse: Solar Storm Behind Aurora Could Reportedly Overload All Electrical Devices On Earth

The Aurora is definitely one of nature’s beauties, but solar storms that create them are some massive beasts that have the ability to overload all electronic devices on the planet, The Daily... Read more »

Teen Psychosis, Linked To An Unexpected Urban Factor

It seems that, according to the latest reports, urban life has a hidden danger. CNN reported that psychotic experiences are more common among teens who are exposed to the highest levels of... Read more »

Scientists Have Finally Managed To Reverse Time Using A Quantum Computer

Another sci-fi scenario seems to have become a reality. Remember “Back to the Future”? Well, now it’s time for Back to the Past! Expert researchers at the Moscow Institute of Physics and... Read more »

PBCs and Mercury Threaten the Arctic, Shows Report

Mercury and other contaminants still threaten polar bears and whales, shows a new summary on toxins from the Arctic. In addition to these threats, the study for the Arctic Council found that... Read more »

Household Cleaners Are Linked To Weight Gain In Children, Latest Study Says

A new University of Alberta study warns that the frequent use of disinfectant to keep our homes clean can trigger weight gain and even obesity in children. Anita Kozyrskyj, a U of... Read more »

Astronomers Discovered The Milky Way Is Greasy and Toxic

When you think of space, you imagine darkness, and freezing temperatures, but not greasiness. Astronomers knew there is some grease in the Milky Way, but a new study – conducted by a... Read more »

U.S. FDA Approved The First Prescription Drug From Marijuana

The U.S. FDA approved on Monday the first prescription drug that is made from marijuana. The drug is called Epidiolex, and it can treat two forms of epilepsy that begin in early... Read more »

AI May Get Depressed or Hallucinate in the Future

Scientists believe that they could make AI learn emotion. They can introduce a hormone-like system and, using machine learning, it could also risk learning how to feel or it could also experience... Read more »