Astronomers have just Discovered 10 New Moons for Jupiter

Based on a recent announcement made by astronomers, Jupiter’s list of moons just got bigger, as 10 additional moons belonging to the giant gas planet were discovered. This means that the planet... Read more »

Saturn’s Moon Titan: New Pictures of the “Alien Earth”

It’s been years since the main grainy pictures channeled back to Earth to uncover our first close look at Saturn and its moons, but in all this time, Titan has stayed hidden... Read more »

An Alien Sun to Suck up Planets?

RW Aur is a binary star system which is situated in the Auriga constellation 450, which is light years from Earth. It’s safe to say that it has since quite a while... Read more »

Incandescent Center of the Milky Way Captured in a Perfectly Clear Image by New Telescope

Scientists are now in the possession of what they claim to be the clearest image of the center of our galaxy taken with the aid of the newest telescope located in South... Read more »

Meghalayan Age – New Addition to the Chart of Earth’s History

A new chapter in the history of Earth has been officially announced. What is more important is that Meghalayan is the most recent period in the 4.6 billion-years-long existence, which started some... Read more »

Residents Flee as Humongous Iceberg Looms over the Village

A 10 million tone iceberg, able to be seen from space, is headed toward a remote Greenland village. For their safety, citizens have moved to higher ground as in case of danger.... Read more »

Specialists to Find Bread That Dates by 4000 Years Back

It all happened at an archeological site placed in northeastern of Jordan, where analysts have found the burned leftovers of a flatbread heated by ground of hunters, that dates from 14,400 years... Read more »

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Discovered A Rock That’s Too Hard To Drill

Earlier this year, NASA’s Curiosity rover was able to overcome a motor glitch to drill into rocks on Mars and this was seen as a triumph by everybody. The drilling operations were... Read more »

Pledge Signed that no Artificial Intelligence will be Used as a Weapon

According to Future of Life Institute, 160 companies and 2,400 individuals have signed a pledge in which it is stated that “neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade or use... Read more »

Parker Solar Probe Getting Ready for its Launch in August

The Parker Solar Probe, NASA’s spacecraft that is planned to approach the “surface” of the Sun for the first time in humanity, is programmed to launch on 4th of August, and it’s... Read more »