March For Science Had a Smaller Crowd This Year

Last year, scientists, researchers, doctors and many concerned citizens took time to join the March for Science. This year, on 14 April, the event had a smaller crowd, but they were set... Read more »

According to NASA Scientists – There will be no Collision Between the Earth and planet Nibiru

Many people think that Nibiru is a planet in the outskirts of our solar system. The alarming fact connected to it is that conspiracy theorists say that at a certain moment it... Read more »

Juno Sends New Jupiter Photos After NASA’s 3D Rendition Of The Planet’s Storms

NASA’s Juno has been documenting all it finds in the outer space and sends photos back to the agency. Juno allowed people to already see and hear the auroras on Jupiter along... Read more »

Doomsday Prophecy States that we are Going to Collide with Planet X

It looks like we are never too far away from hearing another conspiracy theory that states that all life on Earth is going to end on this day or another by colliding... Read more »

Holes in Sun Cause Solar Storm and Bring Northern Lights to Earth

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has recently observed that a region in the magnetic field of the sun has a few ‘holes’. After gathering the data, the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center warned... Read more »

Top Tomatoes Inspired By Mars Missions

The future is already here, thanks to Barack Obama’s inspiring speech and ESA research that sent people in space for long-duration missions. We’re talking about tomatoes, sweet peppers and other vegetables that... Read more »

NASA Continues The Hunt For New Planets With Its TESS Mission

The Transition Exoplanet Survey Sattelite aka TESS will be used by NASA to discover new planets. TESS is set for launch Monday afternoon on April 16. The spacecraft will scan the sky... Read more »

Scientists Have Added Gecko-Inspired Grips to Robots For a Better Grip on Objects

Nobody likes a clumsy robot arm that drops almost every glass or object. Well, scientists have discovered a solution: they invented a soft grip that is similar to gecko’s sticky toes. This... Read more »

New Theory: There is an Explanation For Why Haven’t We Found Aliens Yet

It’s been centuries since humankind kept staring at the sky, trying to find something else… And for some time, we’ve been gazing into space to see if there is intelligent life elsewhere... Read more »

Scientists have Discovered how to Fix Alzheimer’s Gene

Alzheimer is a tough disease. More and more people are diagnosed with it every day and so far, no cure was known for it. However, we are living in the big breakthroughs... Read more »