The Chinese Space Station Plunges Through The Earth’s Atmosphere Into The Pacific Ocean

Tiangong 1, the Chinese Space Station finally plunged through the Earth’s atmosphere into the Pacific Ocean at exactly 5:16 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday, April 1st. The space station was the size... Read more »
NASA Is Considering Robo-Bees To Explore The Red Planet

NASA Is Considering Robo-Bees To Explore The Red Planet

  Robotic bees and their benefits are an active area of interest and research here on Earth. But, NASA approved a new project that suggests their work may not be limited only... Read more »

Here is How the Sky will Look Like this Month

If you are an astronomy lover, then you already know that the sky can be a continuous source of amazement, and there are new things to admire constantly. That is because our... Read more »

A Galaxy Without Dark Matter?! Impossible But True

By now, scientists know that galaxies all have some level of dark matter in them, to various extents. Dark matter is an important part in the formation of a galaxy. However, a... Read more »

How Does NASA, Tupperware and Outer Space Relate?

You may be just as baffled as we were when we heard about this. For a long period of time, Tupperware containers have become a staple for homes worldwide since they are... Read more »

The African Continent is Splitting In Two

It’s just the beginning, but it’s happening right under our feet. The earth is in constant motion, even if we don’t always feel it. Well, Kenya has been experiencing a change that... Read more »

Tiangong 1 is Heading Towards the Earth this Week

Tiangong 1 was one of the most modern and skilled space stations from the world; it was a part of China’s most ambitious space projects. Its’ tasks were to contribute to decoding... Read more »

Kepler Managed to Explain Supernovae

The explosion that takes place at the end of the life for huge stars is an event that occurs very often. However, despite this thing, scientists have not managed to witness this... Read more »

A New Galaxy with No Dark Matter was Discovered by Scientists

Dark matter is very important for space. Researchers believe that the distribution of the galaxies in the universe can be explained with the help of dark matter. However, a new discovery might... Read more »

Western Canada Island Hid 13,000 Years Old Human Footprints

Archaeologists have recently discovered human footprints on a beach on Calvert Island, northeast of Vancouver Island, Canada. These footprints appear to date back to 13,000 years ago. That would mean these are... Read more »