Canadian Scientists Help in Tracking Down Neutrino Traces in Deep Space

Scientists from the University of Alberta helped an international in the first time tracking of a high-energy type of matter to its source in deep space. According to astronomer Greg Sivakoff, the... Read more »

Check Out Mars This Month. You Won’t See it Shine This Bright Until 2035!

If you like to get out and gaze at the night sky, you might have spotted a bright red star. That’s not a star – it’s Mars. The Red Planet will be... Read more »

A Tiny Water Fern Could Positively Impact Our Environment

A very small fern that grows in water could help lower the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, fix nitrogen in agriculture and even keep insects away from crops. Scientists at the Boyce... Read more »

A Study Showed Better Results on Cognitive Tasks for People Who Embody Albert Einstein in VR

An unusual occurrence frequently happens in immersive virtual reality: individuals begin carrying on distinctively subsequent to going up against a virtual body, as though it were their own. This mirrors their genuine... Read more »

The World’s First Full-Color 3D X-rays Are Made With CERN Tech

Forget about the black and white x-rays! Soon they could be replaced with 3D colored scans that can show you everything: fat, bone, metal and soft tissue. Behind the new scanner is... Read more »

Scientists Found Out What ‘Otzi the Iceman’ Ate 5,300 Years Ago

The frozen corpse found in the Alps, known as ‘Otzi the Iceman,’ has been again analyzed. Scientists now looked inside its stomach to find out what ancient Europeans ate over five millennia... Read more »

Neither Boeing, Nor SpaceX Will Be Able to Send Astronauts to the ISS in 2019

According to a US government audit report, it seems US astronauts might not get to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2019. NASA chose Boeing and SpaceX to build rockets that can... Read more »

Change How You See the Universe: Tiny Collision Beneath the South Pole

See how the ghostly particle in Antarctic ice traced by scientists back to 4 billion light-years away can change everything. Scientists discover a new way of looking at the universe during the... Read more »

The Speed of Our Universe Expansion Explained by Gravitational Waves

The universe is always expanding and astronomers have to try for years to estimate the Hubble constant. This is a unit of measurement that presents the rate at which the universe is... Read more »

The Fossils of the Oldest Giant Dinosaur Uncovered in Argentina

The fossils of the earliest giant dinosaur have been discovered in the San Juan Province in Argentina. The dinosaur, named Ingentia prima, can be described as a four-legged herbivore up to 10... Read more »