The Search for Planet Nine Continues

Recent discoveries may foreshadow the existence of an elusive giant world that is located near the outer edges of our solar system. One of them was the discovery of the dwarf planet... Read more »

Experts Study A Potential New Provenience Of Earth’s Water

New potential sources of our Earth’s water are currently being analyzed. Earth’s water may come from asteroidal material and gas left over from the Sun’s formation, says the latest research, as reported by... Read more »

Oumuamua May be an Alien Probe

The first interstellar visitor that passed through our solar system remains an elusive mystery. Researchers were puzzled by its unexpected appearance last year. After a few trials and tribulations, most scientists agreed... Read more »

Earth Reportedly Has Two Hidden Extra Moons Entirely Made Of Dust

We might have more than a single moon, according to the latest expert confirmations reported by National Geographic. The vast dust clouds that have been spotted for the very first time back... Read more »

A Mystery Comet Could Be Space Debris From Another Civilization, Claim Harvard Scientists

There is a mysterious comet dubbed as Oumuamua that has been classified as a comet, but one certain astronomer does not believe that it behaves like one. The comet is a long... Read more »

Astronomers Spotted A Star That’s 13.5 Billion Years Old

The Solar System is exceptionally old by our standards. The Sun which is sitting at its center is thought to be over 4.6 billion years old, and this is a quite a... Read more »

Experts Take Another Leap In Experimenting Complex Quantum Teleportation

Experts from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences managed to take another leap in experimenting with complex quantum systems. Physicists all over the world are trying to increase the number... Read more »

Scientists Discovered a Possible Connection Between the Appendix and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a disease which affects the central nervous system. At present, around 60,000 people are diagnosed with this degenerative condition in the United States. Most of them are old adults, so,... Read more »

NASA is Planning to Bring a Small Part From an Asteroid to Earth by 2023

Over the centuries, people have always been fascinated by space. Before the first man set foot outside the Earth’s atmosphere, every scientist and free thinker tried to find answers for the riddles... Read more »

Milky Way’s Inner Stellar Halo and Thick Disk Formation

The chemo-dynamical studies of the stellar halo near the Sun have shown the existence of streams, clumps and the interaction between orbital parameters and the stars’ chemical great amount in our Galaxy.... Read more »