Astronomers Identified Some of the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe

A team of astronomers consisted of researchers from two different backgrounds managed to find out that the satellite galaxies that orbit around our own can be considered among the first galaxies formed... Read more »

NASA’s Latest Photo Shows Star Births and Spans 11 Billion Years

NASA uses the Hubble telescope to take amazing photographs of the Universe. In the latest picture taken by them, there are approximately 15000 galaxies spread across the infinity of space. It is... Read more »

Diving Robots Discovering Carbon Emissions off Antarctica

A new study that was just published in Geophysical Research Letters shows some unanticipated climate data from the seas around Antarctica. If until the present time the Southern Ocean was believed to... Read more »

Interested in a Job for Asteroid Mining? There’s a Masters for It in Colorado

There has been a lot of news on asteroid mining and how many precious resources they contain. Considering that the solar system is filled with asteroids – NASA estimated there should be... Read more »

NASA’s Mars Rover Identifies Foreign Object Debris

The team that controls NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered a strange object on Mars. The finding happened this week and it consisted of an unusual piece, raising concerns that it might have... Read more »

NASA Wants to Weigh Asteroids Using a “Flock” of Probes

Our planet might be surrounded by asteroids, but we don’t know much about them. NASA wants to learn how they behave and they intend on weighing them. The agency will have many... Read more »

The Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plan has been Orbiting for almost one year

The U.S. Air Force has launched a miniature space plane into orbit almost a year ago. The X-37B has been orbiting for 340 days while it performed covert duties, being part of... Read more »

Nucleus’ Particles Pair Up Reaching High Energies

If an atom’s nucleus is hit hard enough it can fall apart and the way in which it happens hints the internal structure of it and may be of the neutron stars... Read more »

Obesity: Impact the Future by Changing Your Mentality

Almost 7/37 million adult Canadians suffer from obesity. It is linked with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Sean Wharton, a doctor and obesity... Read more »

Omega Centauri might not be the best place to look for Habitable Planets

A new study that was published in The Astrophysical Journal indicates that there may not be so many habitable worlds in Omega Centauri, which is one of the brightest globular clusters. How... Read more »