2-Million-Years-Old Teeth Discovered Inside African Cave Shines New Light on Africa’s Past Environment

Anthropologists at the University of Toronto (U of T) have conducted new research at the Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa. They discovered that two million years ago, southern Africa was a lot... Read more »

Scientists Analyzed The Oldest Lizards Fossil and Found the Evolutionary ‘Missing Link’ of Squamates

A new study on a small fossilized creature which was discovered in the Alps, Italy suggests that it belongs to a lizard called Megachirella. The tiny lizard was the size of a... Read more »

China Invited Researchers All Over The World to Do Experiments on their Future Space Station

China will have by the end of 2022 the biggest space station to orbit our planet: China Space Station. This is what Shi Zhongjun, China’s ambassador to the UN said in a... Read more »

Professors in Newfoundland and Oxford Fight Together to Save The Outer Space Environments

Over a year and a half ago, Jack Matthews and Sean McMahon met at a scientific conference and concluded that someone needs to protect the galaxy. So, they started writing a paper... Read more »

Astronomer Names Minor Planet After Vancouver First Nation: the Tsawout Asteroid

Harvey Underwood is the proud Tsawout First Nation Chief who now gets to look up at the sky, knowing that the name of their community has a place among the stars. Somewhere... Read more »

Scientist to Find Dinosaur Dandruff in a 125 Million-Year-Old Animal

Are we really going to talk about dinosaur dandruff? Isn’t that a bit weird? Researchers had recently discovered the oldest case (that they know of) of dandruff. It was found in a... Read more »

Visit Planets in Space with NASA’s Planet Simulator

NASA’s researchers have created a virtual planet simulator where anybody can journey to a certain planet and choose between different options regarding its natural conditions. From which options can you choose? NASA’s... Read more »

Alan Bean Dies at Age 86: The Astronaut that Walked on The Moon and Painted the Sky

Alan Bean was the fourth man to walk on the Moon and a former astronaut who later found his vocation by painting his memories from space. He died in Texas at 86... Read more »

Calgary Facility Wants to Turn Fossil Fuel Emissions Into Useful Things

On 25 May, the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC) announced that the would start turning carbon dioxide into useful products. The center will test carbon capture and technologies to convert carbon... Read more »

How Did Birds Survive the Asteroid That Killed All Dinosaurs 66 Million Years Ago?

The Cretaceous period was coming to an end almost 66 million years ago when an asteroid as huge as Mount Everest crashed into the Earth. Landing in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, it... Read more »