The Brightest Object in the Early Universe has just been Observed by Scientists

A new quasar has just been discovered by scientists, as they captured an extremely bright radio signal from the universe’s earliest days. A fast-moving material ejecting from the massive celestial object was... Read more »

Israel will Launch its Spaceship with Elon Musk’s help

Israel is set to become the fourth country to send a spaceship to the moon. As it was announced by non-profit SpaceIL and the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., the Middle East... Read more »

Incredibly Bright Radio Blast Sent from Deep Space

An astonishing bright radio transmission coming from deep in the universe has just been received by the scientists. The celestial object that emitted this energy pulse to Earth is called a quasar... Read more »

Scientists Say Killing Rats Could Save the Reefs

In a race to save one of the world’s most beautiful and complex ecosystems, scientists are looking for ways to approach this issue. Until now, the obvious culprits that killed the coral... Read more »

NASA Destroyed By Accident Proof of Life in Martian Soil Samples 40 Years Ago

NASA’s recent discoveries of organic molecules on Mars might be old news if we’re to talk about a recent study published in the New Scientist. The study found that NASA might have... Read more »

Higgs Boson was Observed Decaying Into b Quark Pairs

Back in 2012, the discovery of the Higgs boson was most certainly a huge achievement of the Standard Model. We know by now that the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism is able to solve the... Read more »

ESA Is Planning a Mission to Return NASA’s Mars Soil Samples Back to Earth

As NASA is working on launching the Mars 2020 rover, the European Space Agency (ESA) has a different goal for this mission. The Mars 2020 rover will scan and photograph the planet,... Read more »

The First Israeli Spacecraft Will Get to The Moon on a SpaceX Rocket

The first Israeli spacecraft which will land on the Moon will be launched this December, according to the SpaceIL announcement on 10 July. They plan to have the spacecraft land on the... Read more »

Cancer Fighting Phenolic Acids In Corn Disappear When Processed Into Cornflakes

Corn can be a particularly healthy food as it contains healthy phenolics that can help our body. Two studies focused on p-courmaric acid content and ferulic acid and researchers investigated what happens... Read more »

Remnants of Destroyed Planets Were Found in Asteroid Belts

A study published recently by Nature Astronomy provided details on remarkable findings about asteroid belts. It looks like large pieces are deviating from the belt and they’re not simple rock fragments which... Read more »