A Dark Matter Storm Is Rushing Towards The Sun

There’s a bizarre dark matter phenomenon that is speeding towards the Sun at speeds of about 500 km/second, says a new study that has been published in the journal Physical Review D... Read more »

The ExoMars Rover Is Set To Land On Mars, Drilling Into The Surface To Hunt For Life Signs

The ExoMars rover will be landing on Mars sometime in 2020. Oxia Planum is a flat plain rich in iron-magnesium clays, and this seems to be the first choice of the mission’s... Read more »

Juno Spacecraft Reveals Extraordinary Anticyclonic Storm On Jupiter

The Juno Spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since back in July 2016. The probe is carrying a lot of scientific instruments and also a camera which allows NASA scientists to find out... Read more »

Sadness Manifests Physically in Your Brain

A team of researchers has discovered that negative feelings like sadness and anxiety are able to activate a link between two specific regions of the human brain.According to the study the scientist... Read more »

Spirit Cave Mummy: The Origins Of The World’s Oldest Natural Mummy, Revealed

The oldest natural mummy in the world is a 10,700-year-old skeleton that has been discovered in Nevada about 80 years ago. DNA sequencing showed that the remains are Native American. A team... Read more »

NASA Shows Impressive Images Of Black Holes Colliding – Our Milky Way Will Also Collide With Andromeda One Day

After “just” a billion years, eventually, the black holes of two merging galaxies are colliding together in the most colorful scenery photographed by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Galaxy merger process can over... Read more »

The Search for Planet Nine Continues

Recent discoveries may foreshadow the existence of an elusive giant world that is located near the outer edges of our solar system. One of them was the discovery of the dwarf planet... Read more »

Experts Study A Potential New Provenience Of Earth’s Water

New potential sources of our Earth’s water are currently being analyzed. Earth’s water may come from asteroidal material and gas left over from the Sun’s formation, says the latest research, as reported by... Read more »

Oumuamua May be an Alien Probe

The first interstellar visitor that passed through our solar system remains an elusive mystery. Researchers were puzzled by its unexpected appearance last year. After a few trials and tribulations, most scientists agreed... Read more »

Earth Reportedly Has Two Hidden Extra Moons Entirely Made Of Dust

We might have more than a single moon, according to the latest expert confirmations reported by National Geographic. The vast dust clouds that have been spotted for the very first time back... Read more »