Milky Way Died A Long Time Ago, And We’re Now Living In Our Home Galaxy’s “Second Version”

At some point in its history, a long time ago, Milky Way died but experienced a spectacular rebirth. Now, we’re living in the “second version” of our home galaxy. At least that’s... Read more »

Water on the Lunar Surface – Key to Further Exploration of the Moon

One of the people running NASA feels like a realistic way of exploring and colonizing the Moon might be just around the corner, as water was found on the surface of our... Read more »

Aeolus Satellite Will Soon Accurately Predict the Global Weather

The European Space Agency is ready to launch the first satellite that will measure wind speeds all over the globe. The satellite is called Aeolus, a reference to the keeper of the... Read more »

Researchers Build Multi-Purpose Silicon Chip For Quantum Information Processing – Quantum Computing Becomes More Tangible

An international team which is led by the UK and Chinese researchers has proven a new multi-functional quantum processor which can be used as a scientific tool to perform a wide array... Read more »

NASA’s Orion Spaceship Equipped With Its Heat Shield For The Test Flight To The Moon

NASA’s Orion spaceship got its heat shield that will protect the spacecraft during its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere when the test flight to the Moon ends. Orion is designed to take humans... Read more »

Survival of the ‘Sluggish’: Slow Metabolism Linked to Lower Risk of Extinction

If you’re among those that are not pulling their weight, it’s time to rejoice. Well, it has nothing to do with humanity, but somehow other species pulled it through and postponed their... Read more »

Asteroid Mining Could Be Tested On Earth’s Mini-Moons

The Giant Impact Hypothesis talks about the collision between the Earth and a Mars-sized planet dubbed as Theia. According to this theory, the debris left behind by this cosmic collision formed the... Read more »

NASA Might Allow SpaceX to Fuel the Rockets With Astronauts Aboard

Being an astronaut is quite risky. You’re launched into space with a rocket, and you must be prepared for things to go wrong. And to make things more dangerous, SpaceX wants to... Read more »

Infant Gas Giant Exoplanet Weighed By ESA’s GAIA For The First Time

Data from the ESA’s GAIA missions, the European Space Agency’s star-mapping spacecraft, and the retired Hipparcos satellite helped scientists weigh an infant gas giant planet for the first time. The planet, called Beta Pictoris... Read more »

Rapid Magnetic Field Shift May Expose The Earth To More Solar Radiations

A new study explored the magnetic poles reversal events throughout our planet’s history and revealed that two rapid magnetic field shift phenomena occurred in the past. However, according to the research, if... Read more »