First-Ever Image Of A Gamma-Rays Burst On Earth Obtained By Scientists

There is no higher energy form in the universe than gamma-rays. They come from extreme events happening in distant galaxies like suns exploding, collisions of extremely dense neutron stars, black holes swallowing... Read more »

NASA Is Preparing to Launch Life Forms in Space Once Again

NASA is currently preparing for launching a 14 kilograms satellite that will be the first one to carry life forms in space since 1972. Obviously, a handful of microbes are sent to... Read more »

Meteorite Found In Costa Rica After An Impact Categorized As “Extraterrestrial Mud Ball”

On April 23rd, a meteorite the size of a washing machine tore apart in our atmosphere and landed in a small town from Costa Rica. Scientists state that examinations and research conducted... Read more »

SpaceX Is Working on New Starhopper Space Flight Tests

SpaceX is preparing for more ambitious Starhopper space flight tests. According to documents filed to the US Federal Communications Commission, the company aims to reach a maximum height of 16,400 feet. SpaceX... Read more »

The Moon Might Have Been Hit by a Dwarf Planet Which Left It Lopsided

Although being so close to us and also being the object of interest of many studies and research conducted by humans, the Moon has yet a lot of mysteries to uncover. Such... Read more »

Moon Formation Is Reportedly Responsible For Water On Earth

There’s a brand new theory regarding water reaching Earth. We have a large amount of water here on Earth, and the large moon stabilizes the axis of our planet. Both of these... Read more »

SpaceX To Launch 60 Starlink Satellites Tomorrow, May 23rd, Elon Musk Announced

Elon Musk has ambitious plans for his company, SpaceX. He had revolutionized the idea of a spacecraft by using reusable rockets, and he’s planning to do more than that. Elon Musk and... Read more »

Alien Life Might Be More Prevalent As Many Exoplanets Might Have Oceans Of Liquid Water

There is now enough evidence to turn scientists into believing that an ocean on Pluto might not actually be frozen as it was believed up until this point, but rather embedded under... Read more »

Researchers Created the Loudest Achievable Underwater Sound

Besides something we hear, the sound is also a unique physical phenomenon, namely a wave of pressure that echoes through the air, and even water. Apparently, only insanely loud sounds can reverberate... Read more »

Pluto’s Hidden Ocean Beneath Its Icy Shell Stays Liquid – Why Doesn’t It Freeze?

Some recent studies have shown that Pluto has a liquid water ocean that’s buried beneath its icy shell. Gizmodo addressed the issue of how is such a thing possible and why the... Read more »