The Real Reason Why Dinosaurs Died

We all know that dinosaurs died because of the asteroid that hit the Earth, right? But what if that isn’t true? A new theory comes to turn upside down everything we thought... Read more »

Protein From Nuts is Healthier Than Meat Protein

Protein can be really beneficial for your body but it appears that not all protein is the same. A new study analysed protein intake, and the scientists have discovered that there is... Read more »

A New Big Bang to End our Lives in Seconds – All with the Help of The Higgs Boson?

Our universe may end with a similar way it was made: with a major, sudden blast That is as indicated by new research from a team of Harvard physicists, who found that... Read more »

Scientists Harvest First Vegetable Crops From Antarctic Greenhouse

Last year, a greenhouse container was on its way to the Antarctic. Now, it’s time for the scientists to harvest their crops! They have successfully grown their first crop of veggies without... Read more »

Researchers Developed a Special Patch to Detect Bacteria Inside Packaged Food

What if we’d go to a supermarket and see a patch especially engineered to tell us that the food we buy is 100% safe to eat? It would surely be a good... Read more »

X Prize Relaunches The Private Moon Race Without Google’s Sponsorship

Google terminated its decade-long sponsorship of the Google Lunar X Prize a while ago, but the private race to the moon is back on without its help. Google Lunar X Prize was... Read more »

The World’s First Space Hotel Is Set For Launch In 2021

If you’re searching for an out-of-this-world experience, we have the perfect thing for you. Yesterday, on April 5, at the Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose, California, Orion Span revealed the world’s... Read more »

Hubble Discovers A Giant Blue Star In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has just laid its… lens on a giant blue star nicknamed Icarus, that’s halfway across the universe. Astronomers say it’s the most distant star that has been observed... Read more »

China’s Plans Include A New Standalone Space Station After Tiangong-1’s Fall

According to Beijing’s state media, China doesn’t give up its space development plans after the recent crash of Tiangong-1 space station. The prototype fell out of orbit and burned up in the... Read more »

How Often Does a Satellite Crash on Earth?

With the recent uproar surrounding Tiangong-1 and when is it going to fall on Earth, it is a good time to talk about how space debris enters Earth’s atmosphere and how often... Read more »