NASA Is Almost Ready For a Trip to the Moon – But They’re Missing a New Space Suit!

If everything goes according to the schedule, NASA should send a manned mission to the moon in the mid-2020s. The new spacecraft capsule is being developed. At the same time, there should... Read more »

Experts Simulate Pandemic And Discover It Could Wipe Out 900 Million People

Researchers at John Hopkins University proved in a simulation that a new pathogen could easily kill almost 900 million people. The team simulated the emergence of a type of parainfluenza they call... Read more »

NASA Chose Five Teams To Design Houses For The First Martian Residents

We might not have reached Mars yet, but NASA already looks further into the future: how will houses on Mars look like. Back in 2015, NASA launched a competition called the 3D-Printed... Read more »

A “Video Game” Simulator Might Help Saving Beluga Whales

A team of researchers from Quebec believes that they can save the St. Lawrence beluga whales – which are an endangered species, by using a computer simulator. The scientists have just received... Read more »

Toronto Students Send Worms To Space And Become Published Scientists – The Effects Of Low Gravity On Muscle Deterioration

A group of young Toronto scientists had a more than an interesting school project. We’re referring at four students who were in grades 8 to 12 when they first proposed shooting a... Read more »

Reasons Why Volunteers Are So Helpful For The Wildlife Life

Professionals need the help of the population in order to take better decisions to protect wildlife. Presently numerous researchers are swinging to volunteers and innovation — including satellites — to enable them... Read more »

Leopard Geckos to Develop New Brain Cells

Researchers from the University of Guelph have found the kind of stem cell that enables geckos to make new brain cells, giving confirmation that the reptiles may likewise have the capacity to... Read more »

The Longest Eclipse of the 21st Century Lasted for More Than 100 Minutes

Everybody heard of this eclipse, even though it wasn’t noticeable from North America. Star-gazers in regions close to the Middle East, south or eastern Africa, western and southeast Asia and India could... Read more »

Ancient Cave Bears From Europe Were Vegetarians

The Pleistocene epoch, a period famed for terrifying creatures like cave lions, dire wolves and saber-toothed cats and other weird animals during the last ice age has a very different creature: vegetarian... Read more »

For Americans to Get on Mars, It Is Required a Long-Term Commitment

A team of senators heard a series of expert opinions amid a board of trustees hearing on Wednesday (which is the 25th of July) about what will be required strategically and logically... Read more »