NASA and ESA Are Working on Strategies for the Gateway Lunar Outpost

NASA and ESA have been hard at work in the recent months, and the two agencies have created a new strategy for the lunar Gateway project which focuses on the trajectory that... Read more »

Space Race for the Moon’s South Pole Commenced And China Is Winning

The South Pole of the Moon is one of the most sought after places in space right now. As of recently, there have been made many discoveries, the most important of all... Read more »

Perseid Meteor Shower To Light Up The Night Sky In August

Some people will be in for a free show in August as the Earth is currently in a location in space that has meteor activity. These meteors have been named Perseid meteor... Read more »

Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins says NASA should “shoot directly for Mars” 

Ever since the beginning of its existence, humanity dreamed about flying, about reaching the stars and seeing what is out there, but only 50 years ago, after decades of preparations, mankind set... Read more »

Aliens On Mars – NASA Officials Are Confident That There Is Life On The Red Planet

NASA is like an anthill, incessantly making preparations and creating new technologies each day in preparation for a future human mission to Mars. We should not forget the latest discovery of the... Read more »

Geothermal Energy – We Can Extract Renewable Energy From Earth’s Crust

We live in a world where we consume more and more energy, which means that we need to find new technologies that generate it. The renewable energy we use at the moment,... Read more »

Atlas 5 and Delta 4 Launches Delayed Due To Technical Issues

An anomaly was detected during a routine check, in both the craft. The issue lies in the upper stage subsystem. That has caused a one month delay in the launches that are... Read more »

Mars Explores Could Maintain Their Strength With Resveratrol, A Substance Found In Red Wine

In recent years, Mars has become a prime candidate for crewed missions as the interest in the barren planet is quite high. If a team were to use the current technology to... Read more »

Dark Matter Continues To Create Debates Among Scientists

A year ago, the science world was taken aback by the discovery of a new galaxy. You might think that astronomers and astrophysicists’ discovery of new galaxies is a common occurrence. Well,... Read more »

ESA’s Gaia Is Working Hard To Map The Entire Milky Way Galaxy

The batch of data sent by Gaia in 2018 offered a large amount of new information which changed many fields of astronomy. It allowed researchers to create a complex catalog which highlights... Read more »