NASA Invented The Negative Battery That Could Keep Phones Charged For A Week

It seems that we could enjoy phones that we would only have to charge once a week in the future. There’s a new type of battery that you only need to charge... Read more »

New Dark Fluid Theory Seeks to Explain the Mystery of Dark Matter

The elusive nature of dark matter has continued to fascinate science for decades. A lost theory that was elaborated by Albert Einstein may finally offer a solution. It is generally agreed that... Read more »

SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket – Elon Musk Announces Its Crash Into The Atlantic Ocean

A holiday shipment with Christmas turkey and more goodies was supposed to rocket towards the ISS and then back. SpaceX launched this on a Falcon 9 rocket but the first-stage booster aimed... Read more »

Brand New Theory Could Explain The Missing 95% Of The Cosmos, University Of Oxford Finds

Scientists at the University of Oxford may have solved one of the biggest questions which linger in modern physics. Unifying dark matter and dark energy They did this with a paper that’s... Read more »

Scientists Decided to Turn off the World’s Most Powerful Particle Accelerator

The Large Hadron Collider, also known as LHC, is the world’s most powerful particle accelerator. It is situated in Geneva, Switzerland, near the Swiss-French border and ”lives” in a 17-mile ring. So... Read more »

NASA Expert Believes That Alien Life May Have Visited Us By Now – Aliens May Have Mastered Interstellar Travel

NASA scientist claims that alien life may have already visited our planet, according to the latest report coming from Daily Mail. Silvano P. Colombano, who works in NASA’s Intelligent Systems Division, believes... Read more »

The international Team of Astronauts took off for their Mission on the International Space Station

Many ”space geeks” already know that a team of astronauts was getting ready for an important mission on the International Space Station. The last month has been very intense for three brave... Read more »

Black Hole Discovery: “Based On This Discovery, We Need To Rewrite The Astronomy Textbooks”

Everyone knows that black holes are some of the most mysterious entities in the whole universe. Now, it seems that researchers have come one step closers to understanding the massive phenomenon. Black... Read more »

Curiosity’s ChemCam Camera Finds Shiny Object On Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover is now back in business after some issues that it has been experiencing with its computer. It has discovered something pretty intriguing: a shiny object on the surface of... Read more »

Scientists Developed Atomic Clocks So Powerful That They Are Able To Measure Gravitational Waves

Just in case you didn’t know, an Omega Speedmaster watch was accurate enough to time the rocket thrusts that returned the Apollo 13 astronauts to Earth. But, still, even such a Speedmaster... Read more »