BepiColombo Spacecraft Is Ready For Launch For Its Mission To Mercury

Europe and Japan are ready to launch their joint mission to Mercury which is the closest planet to the Sun. The two partners have each contributed a probe that will be dispatched... Read more »

China’s Launching a Man-Made Moon by 2020 To Illuminate Chengdu

How do you cut energy consumption? You replace street lights with a fake moon. That’s what the Chinese space industry has in mind for the citizens of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan... Read more »

Searching for Planet Nine – A Never-Ending Hunt

Scientists have long searched for what could be the ninth planet at the edge of our Solar System. The hunt for this dark and icy world, a giant planet that is assumed... Read more »

Quantum Computers Can Outperform Traditional Systems And There’s Finally Proof

Despite the naysayers, the hype around quantum computers is all real, and it’s also justified. In order to fully realize the promise of quantum computing, it will still take a few years... Read more »

Virtual Reality Can Enhance People’s Levels Of Empathy

Virtual Reality (VR) can change the way we perceive the world. A Stanford-developed VR experience that’s called Becoming Homeless is currently helping expand the research on how this new immersive tech can affect... Read more »

California-Based Startup Rocket Lab Plans To Launch Small Satellites Into Orbit From Virginia

A startup from California stated that it’s preparing to rocket small satellites into orbit from Virginia. This mirrors an enhanced interest and demand from companies and governments as well to monitor ships,... Read more »

Giant Discovery: Astronomers Found a Massive Galaxy Proto-Supercluster in the Early Universe

There is a massive supercluster of galaxies that formed just 2.3 billion years after the Big Bang, and it’s 11 billion light-years away from our planet. Astronomers named it Hyperion after one... Read more »

Massive Meteor Shower Will Light The Skies This Weekend – October’s Orionid Meteor Showe

This weekend, the skies will be beautifully painted. Earlier this month, Squamish residents did not get to see the Draconid Meteor Showe, but now, they will get a chance to see an... Read more »

Stephen Hawking’s “Brief Answers To The Big Questions” Says Science is Under Threat

On Monday, Stephen Hawking’s voice was heard at a London launch event when his posthumous book “Brief Answers To The Big Questions,” was presented. The book was published on Tuesday, and it’s... Read more »

Deep Learning Explained – Added Clarity In This Term

Deep learning is a term that often appears alongside artificial intelligence. But what is deep learning exactly? And why is it so important? Read below to learn more. According to a well-known... Read more »