New Type of Neural Communication, Discovered In The Brain

It seems that the human body, particularly the brain, still has some secrets yet unrevealed by science. But the researchers from Case Western Reserve University unraveled one of the hidden mysteries of the... Read more »

Scientists Discovered Mountains Higher Than Everest Deep Inside Earth

In a recent study, the researchers analyzed the seismic wave data gathered when the second-largest earthquake ever recorded in the world occurred in Bolivia, in 1994. The respective data revealed some puzzling... Read more »

Russia Plans To Send A Mining Rover And Modules For Lunar Base To The Moon Around 2030

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, has big plans with the Moon. As we might be on the verge of a new space race, Russia is not going to let NASA and Chinese... Read more »

New Depression Treatment Gives Hopes To Patients

Scientists at Lawson Health Research Institute, in London, Ontario, gave hope to patients with depressive episodes as it came up with new depression treatment. The researchers carried out the world’s first randomized controlled trial... Read more »

Gravitational Wave Detectors Would Soon Spot Extreme Cosmic Events

Gravitational wave detectors helped scientists spot black holes mergers, collisions between neutron stars, and many more. Now, these so-called Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) facilities would get an update to spot extreme cosmic events to... Read more »

Israel’s First Moon Mission Might Unravel The Mystery Of Magnetic Lunar Rocks

After SpaceIL and IAI spent eight years and about $100 million for building and preparing Israel’s first Moon mission, the so-called Beresheet lunar lander is one week away from its launch from Cape Canaveral... Read more »

NASA’s SPHEREx Would Be The Agency’s Future Mission To Explore The Universe

The US space agency has just selected its future mission with which it plans to examine the origins of space and how prevalent are the elements required for life in other galaxies.... Read more »

Antarctica Meltdown Can Trigger A Global Sea Level Rise Of 20 Feet

When the first humans appeared on Earth, about 115,000 years ago, the planet was experiencing a warmer period, pretty much like it’s happening today. However, according to recent studies, back then, the... Read more »

Stellar Flare Of Billions Of Times More Powerful Than Those On The Sun, Spotted By James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT), based out of Hawaii, spotted a stellar flare of 10 billions of times more powerful than those on the Sun. This discovery is of great significance for scientists... Read more »

NASA’s Latest Image With Mars’ Dunes: The “Ghost Dunes” May Hold Evidence Of Ancient Alien Life

An amazing image showing sand dunes on Mars has been released this week by NASA, reports Fox News. In the picture, it can be seen that the dunes boast an elongated crescent... Read more »