Astronauts are to Blame for the Rise of Temperature on Moon

For decades we have been wondering about the reason behind the rising temperature on moon. Finally, it looks like we might have an answer thanks to a recent study published in the... Read more »

New Dinosaur Species Uncovered: It’s the Oldest-Known Giant Dinosaur

Every discovery of dinosaur remains sheds new light on their evolution, but this discovery in Argentina could alter the way paleontologists see the entire evolution of dinosaurs. After analyzing and examining all... Read more »

Scientists Could Save Corals If They Focus On Strengthening Their Immune System

Pollution and rising temperature of the waters have been killing many coral reefs in the world. Scientists have tried to find ways to solve this crisis. A researcher has a different approach,... Read more »

Russian Spacecraft Sets a New Speed Record As It Travels Towards the International Space Station

Another spacecraft loaded with supplies just flew this Monday with a speed record. It took less time to get from Earth to the International Space Station than it usually takes to fly... Read more »

Superbright Quasar to Get Rid of Light on Universe’s Youth

It all started with the drawing of an artist from radio jet, that shows the fastly – newly exposed quasar that can be found at around 13 billion light-years from Earth. The... Read more »

A Study Shows That Babies Who Eat Solid Food Sooner Sleep Better

A study has recently shown that babies who are given solid food and breast milk from the age of three months will sleep better than those babies who are just fed with... Read more »

Canadian Researchers Create Plastic Patch to Warn Consumers When the Food is Spoiled or Contaminated

Researchers at the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have developed a plastic film that could make “best before” dates irrelevant. Soon enough, consumers will know if the food they buy is safe... Read more »

NASA Wants to Turn Asteroids Into Autonomous Spacecraft With the Help of 3D Printing Company

In a recent announcement, NASA stated that they’re funding a 3D printing company from California to find a way and turn asteroids into autonomous spacecraft. Imagine asteroids that can fly to outposts... Read more »

‘Jumping Gene’ May Have Been Transferred to Humans From Plants

A gene linked to cancer and neurological disorders could have come from plants through cross-species transfer. University of Adelaide, Australia, has conducted a study which was recently published in the journal Genome... Read more »

Solar Cells can now be Powered by Bacteria Even with Little Light

A group of scientists from the University of British Columbia have managed to re-engineer the E. coli bacteria so that they can power solar cells. This study, published last week in the... Read more »