Daily Fasting Helps Reducing Weight: Study Analysis of 16:8 Diet

Daily fasting really works in reducing weight and lowering blood pressure, according to a new study. The study was published by researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago, in the journal Nutrition... Read more »

Confirmed Case of Measles: Exposure at Thornhill Mall’s Movie Theatre

People that went to the movie in Thornhill Mall may have been exposed to measles, warn officials. Earlier this month, the case of measles has been confirmed. York Region Public Health’s news... Read more »

Researchers Discovered a Rare Black Hole As It Swallowed a Star

Ever since scientists discovered black holes, they’ve known only about two type: a huge one that could swallow a whole galaxy, and a smaller one that can swallow the sun. More recently,... Read more »

Donald Trump to Order the Pentagon to Create a Space Force

Donald Trump has flagged his aim to make a 6th branch of the US military, and it will indeed be crazy. The president of the United States of America has vowed to... Read more »

The Housing Market Already Affected by Climate Change

Climate change is a worrying phenomenon that keeps affecting our daily lives. Even if authorities ignore it and say that everything is under control, we notice that people are taking it more... Read more »

Is There Really Water on The Moon?

A recent study has put to rest many debates on whether there is or not water on the moon. A team of scientists at the Tohoku University, Japan, found proof inside a... Read more »

Researchers Deliberately Spilled Oil in Northwestern Ontario Lake For a Study on Ecosystem

Over the past weekend, researchers went to northwestern Ontario and spilled diluted oilsands bitumen and crude oil into a lake. They are studying how the ecosystem responds to the substances. The project... Read more »

The Curiosity Rover Took A Selfie In the Middle of the Dust Storm

Not everyone can look their best while in a dust storm, but then again, not everyone is an awesome rover on Mars! Remember the dust storm that hit Mars and the rovers... Read more »

Health Canada Looking For Social Media Influencers For National Vaping Awareness Program

Health Canada is looking for someone who will develop, implement and report on a national vaping awareness program, and they’re also looking to find social media influencers. Teens are more willing to... Read more »

Quebec Faces a Recycling Crisis

Plastic, paper, and glass are all sitting in mounds and towers that reach over six meters high and cover the surface of Sherbrooke’s recycling plant. Cats climb on the trash and play... Read more »