Catastrophic Asteroid Impact Not To Happen Anytime Soon, But The Threat Remains Real

Near-Earth objects or NEOs may seem like an existence shattering concepts, but author Andrew May notes that these are a daily occurrence and do not usually pose a threat. Accordingly, a catastrophic... Read more »

NASA To Invest In Experimental Robots To Survey Lunar Craters And Asteroid Mining

The use of experimental robots to survey lunar craters and asteroid mining for resources could play a major role in the establishment of a permanent human outpost on the Moon. This is... Read more »

Scientists Found Out What Causes The Mysterious Craters That Appear In Antarctica

A coat of floating ice that takes form over Antarctica’s Weddell Sea each and every winter is a puzzling enigma. Once in a while, a huge crater will appear, unveiling the dark,... Read more »

Moon’s Mass Anomaly At Its South Pole Hints To An Ancient Metal Asteroid Impact

The Aitken basin, on the south pole of the Moon, might hold a very dense object as revealed in new information coming out from NASA. It is believed the unusual sector might... Read more »

Dark Matter – Scientists Might Have Found A Potential Source And A New Detecting Method

A new possibility of detecting dark matter could be possible as physicists from the University of California Davis have uncovered a potential source. The scientists had the opportunity to present their findings... Read more »

NASA Plans Sending An Experimental Helicopter Drone Along With the Mars 2020 Rover

NASA plans to send a special helicopter drone to the Red Planet. The device will join the Mars 2020 rover, and it has already passed a selection of trials which infer that... Read more »

Shocking Study Revealed That Human Mind Remains Conscious After Death

You most certainly, at one point in your life, wondered what happens when you die. A new shocking study, conducted by a team of researchers in New York, came close to solving... Read more »

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Is Getting Closer To Launch

NASA is currently busy with a variety of projects, and one of the most anticipated ones is the James Webb Space Telescope. The spacecraft has already faced a large number of problems... Read more »

Asteroid hits Earth at 1 in 7000 Chance

The planet we are currently residing on has a 1 in 7000 chance to be smashed into by the asteroid designated 2006 QV89. September 9th 2019 is the date the visitor is... Read more »

Limit to Human Endurance Set By A New Study Focused On Athletes

A new study has found that people who exercise long enough or take part in events such as Ironman triathlon or ultramarathons regularly push their bodies beyond their limits, and they all... Read more »