An Award Was Rewarded to SpaceIL Beresheet Moon Mission In Spite of Failed Landing

Although SpaceIL’s shot to the moon of their Beresheet spacecraft on Thursday evening was a letdown, XPRIZE Foundation will award the non-profit organization with a $1 million “Moonshot Award”​. XPRIZE is a... Read more »

Increasingly More Canadians Are Dying Of An Opioid Overdose

The Public Health Agency of Canada has released a new report that showed opioid overdose has been the reason behind 10,300 Canadian deaths over the past three years. There have been 3,286... Read more »

Chinese Genetic Engineering Experiment Injected Human Genes In Monkeys’ Brains

A team of Chinese researcher used genetic engineering to modify a group of monkeys as they aimed to make them smarter. Many members of the scientific community consider that the experiment is... Read more »

Israel Fails to Make History – Beresheet Lunar Lander Crashed On The Moon

Israel had sent a spacecraft to land on the moon on April 11, but the supposed historical moment had failed. Spacecraft Beresheet had the mission to land softly on the surface of... Read more »

Ancient DNA Study Revealed More Details About Our Ancestors

Researchers reconstructed the prehistory of humans on the continent, and it goes back thousands of years, thanks to an ancient DNA study. They reported this discovery in the journal Cell in September... Read more »

Lockhead Martin To Put Humans On The Moon By 2024

We have news from Lockheed Martin about the method developed for putting humans on the Moon’s surface by 2024. The concept is released four years earlier than first planned. The company has... Read more »

Methane on Mars Is Diminishing, Indicating That If There Was Any Alien Life, Is Now Dying

The ExoMars mission’s Trace Gas Orbiter finds a surprising lack of methane on Mars stunning the researchers and rising puzzling questions. The gas is produced on Earth by organisms and scientists argued... Read more »

Unusual Phenomenon In the Clouds Makes Lightning Flash To Happen

An unusual phenomenon discovered by the researchers at the University of New Hampshire Space Science Center​ throws a new light on the event and shows a further possible way for the lightning... Read more »

Julian Assange, Co-Founder of Wikileaks, Arrested in The UK – Let’s Support Him

Julian Assange co-founded the renowned Wikileaks, a global organization that releases secret information, including leaks and eyes-only news coming from anonymous sources. The saga of Julian Assange started in 2010 when a... Read more »

Neanderthals and Woolly Mammoths Had Common DNA Traits

A new study suggests that Neanderthals and woolly mammoths shared some DNA traits. The massive elephant ancestors reigned in the northern Eurasia peninsula more than 600,000 years ago. The Neanderthals appeared 400,000... Read more »