Johns Hopkins Hospital Evacuated Because of Tuberculosis Contamination

Tuberculosis is one of the most contagious diseases, but on top of that it is extremely serious; if a sick person doesn’t receive proper treatment, the infection can be fatal. People know... Read more »

Smart Bandages Monitors Chronic Wounds And Improve the Chances of Healing

Tufts University engineers developed a bandage that monitors chronic wounds and then delivers treatment to improve chances of healing. The bandage would be a great approach in wounds from burns, diabetes or... Read more »

NASA Wants to Study Venus With Flying Drones

In the next years, NASA and other space agencies will head towards other planets in our Solar System. What we know is that NASA plans to also send a mission to Venus... Read more »

Devastating Disease Could Make Bananas Go Extinct

Bananas could go extinct, say health experts. It’s all because of a deadly tropical disease that keeps on spreading to crops all over the world. The disease is called the Panama disease,... Read more »

Global Warming Could be Twice as Warm as Expected

In a recent study published in Nature Geoscience, a team of scientists from 17 countries suggests that global warming could be twice as warm as climate models predict, with sea levels expected... Read more »

NOW Life-And-Death Struggles to Save the Thai’s Cave-Captive Young Football Team

Thailand`s police officers are struggling badly to carry through the 12 children and their 25-year-old football coach caught in a flooded cavern. The enters in the cave provide little alternatives but to... Read more »

Asteroids are Plain Rocks or Five Destroyed Worlds?

A cloud of gas and dust was the matter from which all planets and the world originates…but what is exactly the origin of the asteroids? Origin of the world Outside factors as... Read more »

What Happened to the Early North American Dogs? Study Shows How They’ve Died Off

According to a new study conducted by an international team, all that’s left from the first dogs of North America is a type of cancer spread to other dogs throughout the world.... Read more »

Scientists Found Traces of ‘Sonic Boom’ Meteorites in the Ocean

After a meteorite fell on 7 March in the ocean, just off the coast of Washington state, researchers finally got their hands on tiny fragments of the meteorite. Marc Fries, the cosmic... Read more »

Fifty Five People Were Exposed to Tuberculosis, Stated Alberta Health Services

In the south zone of the Alberta Health Services, south and east of Calgary, 55 people were possibly exposed to tuberculosis (TB). To protect patients’ privacy, the agency didn’t release more details... Read more »