Ancient Human Genetics Study On People From The Iberian Peninsula Revealed Surprising Outcomes

A new study published in the Science journal researched 8,000 years of ancient human genetics in the Iberian Peninsula. The results surprised scientists, as they revealed more than just genetic complexity. It... Read more »

NASA Study Revealed That Space Travel Reactivates Dormant Viruses Such As Herpes

More than half of crew aboard Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) suffered from reactivation of dormant viruses, such as herpes, caused by space travel, based on a NASA study that... Read more »

Massive Meteor Explosion Detected by US Air Force In Late-2018

As NASA reported, the US Air Force recorded a massive meteor explosion in December 2018. It seems that a giant space rock exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere. Its blast was the second-largest... Read more »

Titan, Largest Moon of Saturn, Should Be The Next Destination, NASA Engineer Thinks

Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, should be the next destination, a NASA scientist considers. Janelle Wellons, a NASA engineer, says we should think about settling on Titan, in case the Earth... Read more »

Asteroid Bennu Is Spinning Faster Than Usual, Puzzling The Scientists

It seems that scientists have another mystery on their hands. A NASA probe explores the Asteroid Bennu, and it appears that it already noticed something strange. As it turns out, Asteroid Bennu... Read more »

Massive Asteroid, 2019 CL2, Will Fly Past Earth On Monday, NASA Reported

Our planet will have a close call with a massive asteroid named 2019 CL2. The asteroid is traveling at around 16,800 mph, and it is 390 feet wide. Nonetheless, there is no... Read more »

Surviving An Apocalyptic Mass Extinction Is Possible, Scientists Revealed The Characteristics Needed

Due to mass extinctions from the past, the Earth could have become a lifeless planet if it were not for the species’ abilities to survive those events. And now, when signs show... Read more »

Sleeping Magnetar Became Suddenly Active After Ten Years Of Inactivity

A sleeping magnetar managed to puzzle the scientists as it became suddenly active after ten years of inactivity. A magnetar is a spinning star, a type of neutron star, that is the... Read more »

Hubble Space Telescope Snapped Astonishing Images Of Quasars In The Early Universe

Despite facing some issues recently, the Hubble Space Telescope has managed to capture astonishing images of the brightest quasars in the early universe. In less than a billion of years after the... Read more »

Ancient Humans Used Poison-Tipped Arrowheads – Miniaturization, A Unique Human Characteristic

Thanks to their unique adaptation, ancient humans could be set apart from all other primates. What we are talking about has been discovered thanks to a small sliver of crystal quartz that... Read more »