Scientists Discover 99-million-year-old Beetle Trapped in Amber

A 99-million-year-old beetle preserved in amber shows scientists many details on how it adapted to transport cycad pollen. According to the study recently published in the journal Current Biology, researchers discovered that... Read more »

NASA Alerts About a Bright Meteor Over Alabama’s Sky

In the wee hours of the Friday morning, a beautiful cosmic event took place impressing over 100 people from the Southeast US. At about 1:19 a.m. ET on Friday, NASA’s all-sky cameras... Read more »

Study Shows There Are Many ‘Water Worlds’ Outside Our Solar System

A study which analyzed data from the Kepler Space Telescope and the Gaia mission shows that there are many exoplanets bigger than Earth that have a vast amount of water. This discovery... Read more »

A Soon to be Released Satellite will Measure the Global Winds

On Tuesday a new satellite will be hoisted into the orbit. This new satellite has such a design that it will be able to measure out planet’s global wind patterns. This will... Read more »

Astronomers Identified Some of the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe

A team of astronomers consisted of researchers from two different backgrounds managed to find out that the satellite galaxies that orbit around our own can be considered among the first galaxies formed... Read more »

Earth’s Temperature Will Drastically Rise Between 2018-2020

Since 2010 we have had five of the warmest years on records, and it is not going to improve, but it will become even worse.  WE WILL BOIL ALIVE IN THE NEXT... Read more »

Diets with Low-Carb Content can be Linked to Lower Life Expectancy

A new study reveals that the best diet you can follow is one that is moderate, if you want to remain healthy. The researches published in the esteemed scientific journal Lancet their... Read more »

NASA’s Latest Photo Shows Star Births and Spans 11 Billion Years

NASA uses the Hubble telescope to take amazing photographs of the Universe. In the latest picture taken by them, there are approximately 15000 galaxies spread across the infinity of space. It is... Read more »

New Zealand Newspaper from 1912 Eerily Predicted Something about Today’s World

Newspapers have been around for a while and about 106 years ago, one from New Zealand didn’t have particularly uplifting thoughts about the future. What is even stranger is that there are... Read more »

Infamous Pesticide Linked with Risk of Developing Autism in Children

Perhaps there are some among you that hear about DDT (or dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). Apparently, this notorious pesticide can cause serious harm. When exposed to DDT, unborn babies have a high risk of developing... Read more »