First Radio Bursts Are More Numerous Than The Potential Events That Could Produce Them

Some of the most spectacular and powerful phenomena which take place in space are generated by cataclysmic events in the form of supernovae explosions or clashes between stars. Many researchers continue to... Read more »

Russia’s ‘Federation’ Spacecraft Development Experiences Some Problems, At The Moment

American and Russian astronauts are all being transported into space thanks to the Soyuz capsule, at the moment, as any space enthusiast knows. This spacecraft is more than 50 years old, which... Read more »

Human DNA Is Harmed By Sunlight, But Its Repair Mechanisms Attempt To Fix The Lesions

A new study, issued in the Nucleic Acids Research journal and named “Structure and mechanism of pyrimidine-pyrimidone (6-4) photoproduct recognition by the Rad4/XPC nucleotide excision repair complex”, came with a new understanding... Read more »

Ancient Monkey Fossils Changed Scientists’ Theories On The Evolution Of Primates

Field workers in an excavation site in Kenya discovered the fossilized remains of a 4.2 million-year-old ancient monkey that might change scientists’ perception of the evolution of the primates. The ancient monkey... Read more »

Terraforming Mars Could Be Possible Thanks To Silica Aerogel

Ever since humans first became interested in outer space, they have been wondering if life could exist on other planets than Earth. Due to its proximity to our home planet, Mars has... Read more »

Mesmerizing Dust Storms Captured by ESA’s Mars Express​​

Mars’ dust storms are labeled as one of the most massive Martian phenomena, and an event the broad public knows about. Sometimes, those storms are so powerful that covers the entire planet,... Read more »

People Plan A Raid On Area 51 To Discover The Secrets About Aliens

People have organized an event called ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,’ which involves raiding the restricted Area 51 of the infamous government building located in the Nevada desert.... Read more »

Ancient DNA Sample Reveals The History Of Cattle Herds In The Near East

Ancient communities in the Near East were the first human establishments to keep livestock. This led to major progress in those communities, pathing the way to establishing complex economies and, eventually, to... Read more »

ISU Planetarium Free Show on Magnetic Pole Reversal

If you are a fan of astronomy and if you also live in the state of Illinois then you’re in luck. The planetarium within Illinois State University will host a free program.... Read more »

Field Workers Make Many Exciting Discoveries At Excavation Site In British Columbia

During excavations in 2017 and 2018, two exciting specimens were discovered. Both of them belong to an extinct lower Cambrian genus of echinoderm and they are the only ones of their kind... Read more »