Opioid Toxicity is the Most Common Issue met in the Thunder Bay Emergency Room

It’s been stated that the Opioid use and impact shows a supervised consumption sites plan This report talks about the number of people which are continuously harmed by the use of opioids,... Read more »

Kepler Managed to Explain Supernovae

The explosion that takes place at the end of the life for huge stars is an event that occurs very often. However, despite this thing, scientists have not managed to witness this... Read more »

A New Galaxy with No Dark Matter was Discovered by Scientists

Dark matter is very important for space. Researchers believe that the distribution of the galaxies in the universe can be explained with the help of dark matter. However, a new discovery might... Read more »

Snowy Easter Weekend for West-Central Alberta

  Even though it is already springtime, winter is just too stubborn and won’t leave Alberta alone! Environment Canada has already issued snowfall warning for Thursday night in parts of western and... Read more »

Canada 150 Program Brings International ‘Brain Gain’ for Canadian Universities

Last summer, in June, Science Minister Kirsty Duncan stated that they are looking to hire bright international researchers to come and work in Canada. For grants of over $1 million, Duncan has... Read more »

‘Free Hugs’ Family Killed in Cliff Plunge – Death Toll Might Be 8

The famous modern family that inspired the whole world in 2014 is now presumed dead. Their vehicle plunged off a cliff. Authorities have stated that the Hart family was inside that vehicle:... Read more »

Facebook to Know Your Political Beliefs

Facebook has a great deal of data on you. Regardless of whether you don’t think you give away your political leanings on Facebook, or not, it can even now make surmises about... Read more »

A Cancer Vaccine that can Possibly Cure Tumors to be Accessible Next Year

Subsequent to curing 97% of tumors in mice, the vaccine will now be tried on people with low-grade lymphoma in the not so distant future. In the event that it is approved,... Read more »

Lethbridge Shelter Undergoing Overdose Drills to be Prepared for the Worst

The Lethbridge Shelter and Resource Center is preparing itself by going through drills that simulate the response needed in the case of an overdose. they have been working to improve on how... Read more »

The Mystery Behind a Star Explosion is Now Solved by Kepler

Most people have heard about star explosions, but a few know that this phenomenon is actually called Supernova. This stage marks a massive star’s end; astronomers say that throughout the universe, a... Read more »