Tsimshian People’ Ancient Genomes Revealed New Facts About the Native Americans’ Evolution

As reported by Health Thoroughfare, studying the ancient genomes of the Tsimshian people revealed traces of their past, showing that almost 6,000 years ago, the population started to constantly decline. The study... Read more »

The ‘Dead Zone’ in Gulf of Oman is Growing By the Year, Found Researchers

University of East Anglia (UEA) researchers have discovered that the ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Oman is growing. The area has no oxygen and it is a disaster for the sea... Read more »

A Human Bone to Reveal the Radiation Found after the Hiroshima Attack

On the 6th of August in 1945, the United States dropped a nuclear bomb nicknamed “Young man” on Hiroshima, Japan, prompting an atomic impact that, in a split second, asserted around 45,000... Read more »

Earth’s Magnetic Field Will Not Reverse, Says New International Study

Once in a while, the magnetic field of our planet can flip, but scientists believe that it’s not going to happen too soon. According to a research which was recently published in... Read more »

A Massive Cosmic Collision to Question Theories About the Early Universe?

Astronomers reported that they saw the development of a galaxy cluster, the biggest sort of gravity-bound structure in the universe, actually.  What’s more, this is not what they anticipated. Astronomers set their... Read more »

Football Heading Alters Cognitive Function, Says New Study

Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have recently discovered that soccer players have a worse cognitive function because of frequent ball heading, and not necessarily due to unintentional collisions. The study... Read more »

Cancer Cells Can Stay Dormant For Years: Scientists Just Found Out The Reason Behind It

There is a new evidence that shows us a different perspective regarding cancer cells. We’ve thought that cancer grows fast and it can’t be easily controlled, but Francesco Crea, Lecturer in Life... Read more »

The Egyptian Warrior Woman On Mars Could Be Just Pareidolia

With the picture of that rock on Mars making everyone lose their minds, some people are skeptical. We all want proof that aliens exist and they live or lived in our solar... Read more »

Unusual Geyser Eruptions in Yellowstone: Will There Be a Volcanic Eruption?

The largest active geyser in the world, known as the Steamboat Geyser, has erupted three times in the last six weeks at Yellowstone National Park. Geologists believe that under Wyoming, there’s a... Read more »

Scientists Have Discovered Healthy Tasmanian Devils That Could Help Saving the Species

Tasmanian devils are an endangered species, but scientists that were on a conservation expedition found a healthy group of the species in south-west Tasmania. This could mean that the species can be... Read more »