Is There a Doctor on the Plane? What that Actually Means?

With the number of people in planes is getting higher and higher, numerous people arriving on board with diseases and longer flights, the announcement ‘Is there a doctor on board’ is by... Read more »

Bavaria Seems to be the Best Place to Analyze the Universe

Professor Geraint Lewis’ activity is to look most of the way over the universe at something undetectable. One of the world’s most capable telescopes has found a red-hot ring in space. It’s... Read more »

Canada’s Famous Deli Classic Sliced Roast Beef Recalled Due Listeria Contamination

At the end of March, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced that they will recall Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef which was sold at Druxy’s Famous Deli outlets in Ontario. The products are... Read more »

Trial in British Columbia about Private Clinics and Health Rights

It looks like British Columbia is working hard to make medical care free for its residents. Starting this October, any doctor that is seen charging patients for medical procedures that are necessary... Read more »

Sarcopenia and Excess Adiposity Associated with Higher Mortality for Breast Cancer Patients?

A new study analysed 3241 patients with breast cancer in order to determine whether excess adiposity, poor muscle quality and sarcopenia are associated with overall mortality. The study discovered that more than... Read more »

How Your Diet is Linked with Early Aging

If there is one thing that we cannot run away from no matter how hard we may try, that is aging. However, we can make sure that we can keep premature aging... Read more »

South African Scientist has Come Up with a Malaria Scanner

It looks like geneticist Vinet Coetzee has come up with a scanner that would be able to diagnose malaria. She said that this invention could best be used in the rural areas... Read more »

China Stops Importing Trash from Korea; Trash Pickers Desperate

Bad news for the trash pickers who made a living from selling discarded cardboard boxes, as well as other recyclable waste. Recently, China has decided not to buy more waste from Korea.... Read more »

The Real Reason Why Dinosaurs Died

We all know that dinosaurs died because of the asteroid that hit the Earth, right? But what if that isn’t true? A new theory comes to turn upside down everything we thought... Read more »

Protein From Nuts is Healthier Than Meat Protein

Protein can be really beneficial for your body but it appears that not all protein is the same. A new study analysed protein intake, and the scientists have discovered that there is... Read more »