Canada Needs More Blood Donors

The Canadian Blood Services have started the spring with an urgent call to all Canadians. They are looking for donors to keep the inventory of blood constant. At the moment, CBS has... Read more »

Toronto Chef Shocks Animal Rights Protesters by Eating Venison In Front of Them

In a taunting act, a Toronto chef has appeared in front of the windows of the restaurant he owns with a raw deer leg. He took a knife and started separating the... Read more »

Scientists Claim that Ibuprofen may Help Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a disease that sets in at a relatively old age and that has not been cured so far. The only way to “cure” this disease is to slow down its... Read more »

Witnesses See Calgary Police Officer Getting Shot

The shooting that took place in Calgary on Tuesday afternoon ended in one death and a police officer injured. The officer is in stable condition after he suffered multiple injuries. His family... Read more »

The Underground Neutrino Experiment to Make a Great Discovery About Matter

If equal measures of matter and antimatter were framed in the Big Bang more than 13 billion years back, one would have obliterated the other after their encounter, and the present universe... Read more »

One of the World’s Most Brilliant Minds Passed Away This Month

Professor Stephen Hawking is considered to be one of the most brilliant people who ever lived on Earth. Despite his physical condition and all odds, he lived more than science predicted, but... Read more »

Kensington, Philadelphia is Discussing the Possibility of Having a Safe Opioid Injection site

Kensington, Philadelphia is a large neighbourhood, but the most unpleasant statistics associated with it is that here have happened many overdose deaths and most of the residents suffer from an opioid addiction.... Read more »

Gairdner International Science Award Winners Tell us Insights of our Genetic Marks

Peter Hegemann is one of the brilliant scientists awarded at Canada’s Gairdner International Awards. One of the most interesting facts connected with his innovations is that they are evidence of a natural... Read more »

Best Tips to Coming out Sane After a Heavy Work Week

We have all been there at one point or another in our lives, we were completely done after a work day and just wanted to get home and sleep in order to... Read more »

Ontario Liberal Budget Plans to Include Free Daycare for Preschoolers

The Liberals in Ontario have planned to make full-day daycare free for all children that are 2-and-a-half until they can go to kindergarten. The program will be set in motion starting with... Read more »