Children With Autism Are Less Likely to Get Vaccinated

Although there is no scientific evidence that connects the vaccines infants and young kids receive in their early years with the risk of autism, there are still parents that still question this... Read more »

Deadly Fire Kills At Least 64 People in Russian Shopping Mall, Many of Them Children

A tragic fire has recently made dozens of victims, including a lot of children. It all happened in a very crowded shopping mall in Kemerovo, Russia. The unfortunate event made 64 victims,... Read more »

London Residents will Soon Have More Drinking Fountains

The mayor of London has decided to implement and install public water drinking fountains. This project was needed in order to combat the pollution that comes from thousands of Londoners buying single-use... Read more »

Letting Employees Take an Afternoon Nap on Monday Increases Productivity

Science has come up with a logical solution to the drowsiness that employees experience on Monday morning. The weekend is always a period for workers to unwind and relax after a week’s... Read more »

Edmonton to Join the Global Campaign “March for Our Lives”

A group energizing for gun control reform at the Alberta Legislature was one of the hundreds around the globe on Saturday. “March for Our Lives” protests traversed the United States and were... Read more »

Britain’s Angle to Develop a Test That Detects Ovarian Cancer

The British’s liquid biopsy company, which is called Angle, said that its Parsortix blood test had beaten up current techniques in recognizing ovarian tumour, a discovery that could enable women to get... Read more »

Apple Plans to Release a Foldable iPhone in Two Years

Apple has always been one of the companies that have constantly brought innovation in the world of technology. The iPhone remains one of the most popular handsets, and, according to many, the... Read more »

Indians Apply for Disability Checks by Complaining of Back Pain

When we think about people that live with disabilities we usually think of people that have been in accidents which left them paralyzed or of people that fought for their country and... Read more »

Dropbox is Ready to Conquer Wall Street: New IPO Launched

When it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox is one of the most popular names. Every user wants a software that will allow them to store their files safely, and that is exactly... Read more »

Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico – What’s There To Do?

The huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico has concerned scientists for decades. In fact, it has continued to grow over the years and it became larger and larger each time.... Read more »