First Batch of Christa McAuliffe’s Lessons Released by NASA

The first batch of lessons made by astronaut Christa McAuliffe was released; 32 years after the Challenger tragedy took place. A video of astronaut-educator Ricky Arnold in which he performs one of... Read more »

Planet at the Verge of Overheating – New Reports Says

The planet is at risk of overheating, temperatures will be 4-5 degrees Celsius higher than previously recorded; greenhouse emissions register higher levels, new reports show. A report published on Monday in the... Read more »

An Underwater Mausoleum where People Bury their Loved Ones Helps Marine Life Thrive

An atypical resting place, located three miles off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida, allows people to bury the ashes of their loved ones in the deep blue waters. This memorial that... Read more »

A New Planet that Does not Orbit any Star has been Discovered

A new discovery has been made in the scientific world, one that captures our attention. A new planet, which is 12 times bigger than Jupiter, has been discovered outside our solar system... Read more »

Can There be a Balance Between Inflammation and Immunity?

Hookworms are responsible for infecting over 400 million people across the globe, particularly in areas with poor sanitation or where people tend to walk barefoot. How do we deal with them? How... Read more »

China has its Own Viral Vaccine Scandal

China has been hit by a scandal related to vaccines and in a land already sensitive to food and drug safety-related issues this is a big deal. The Chinese people became quite... Read more »

Study Shows Female Heart Attack Patients may have Better Chances with Female Doctors

It is already known that heart attack symptoms are harder to identify if the patient is a female and previous research has suggested that female doctors are better at caring for heart... Read more »

Report Shows Earth Risks Entering Irreversible “Hothouse” Conditions

To avoid the “hothouse” conditions, humans must do more than reduce emissions of greenhouse gas. The planet is close to reaching these conditions, and we’ll experience a rise in global temperatures by... Read more »

Should We Add Crickets on The Menu? Study Shows They’re Good for the Gut

If you’ve been wondering whether insects are a good addition to your menu, look no further. An American researcher, Valerie Stull, who is a doctoral graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Nelson... Read more »

Sleeping Over 8 Hours a Night is a Cause of Premature Death

Researchers at Keele University found out that people who like to sleep over eight hours a night are more likely to develop different conditions which cause premature death. They analyzed the data... Read more »