War Tactics: Bacteria Can ‘Divide and Conquer’ to Kill the Enemies

Some types of bacteria can deal with their enemies in a peculiar manner. They release toxins and make their neighbors attack each other. This tactic can be used by scientists to help... Read more »

Recent Findings Show that the Earth Holds More Water than we Thought

Recently, scientists have discovered an interesting fact about the water on Earth. It looks like it covers a much wider surface than we thought. The breakthrough was made thanks to the Global... Read more »

3D-Printing Living Tissues Can Put an End to Arthritis

Damaged joints could heal themselves with a little help from 3D printers that can print living tissues. One in 10 people in the world has arthritis, being a painful disease caused by... Read more »

Sedentary Life Increases Risk of Death From 14 Diseases, Reports the American Cancer Society

A study conducted by the American Cancer Society found that people who sit more than six hours a day or more have an increased risk of early death – 19%! The study... Read more »

Researchers See a Beam of Light 100 Days After First Confirmed Neutron Star Merger Hides Behind the Sun

Astronomers at the University of Warwick had to wait more than 100 days to see the light from the first confirmed neutron star merger. It hid behind the glare of the sun,... Read more »

Canadarm2 Grabs the Dragon Shipment Arriving at the International Space Station

Last Friday, the SpaceX mission was launched bearing goods to the International Space Station. They arrived on Monday, and the astronomers couldn’t be happier. The rocket carried a Dragon capsule which got... Read more »

The Potential Complications of Surgery in Space

As we know, astronauts must face lots of difficulties during a mission in space. Even the easiest task may become quite a challenge when there is no gravity. However, the list of... Read more »

Artificial Ovary to Give Women a Chance to Conceive After Chemo

An “artificial ovary” was made with the help of doctors from human tissue and eggs. They wanted to help women around the world to be able to have children after they had... Read more »

Astronomers Discover a Newborn Planet 370 Light Years Away

The first photo of its kind shows a newborn planet that is taking shape 370 light years from Earth. Gas and dust surround it, and the image is the first confirmation of... Read more »

Risk of Dying Decreases After the Age of 105

It might sound surprising or counterintuitive to think that as you get older, your chances of dying diminish. A new study shows that the risk of dying won’t increase as we get... Read more »