Amazing Pictures of Elusive Nebula Captured by Hubble

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Do You Know How Old Your Heart Is? Take the Heart Age Test And Find Out

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These Mars Habitat Concepts Are Breathtaking! – The HP Mars Home Planet Challenge

This space era is all about Mars. NASA’s challenge to get scientists and inventors find a way to transform CO2 into other molecules is on its way. HP’s challenge focused on building... Read more »

NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge Will Grant $750,000 To Inventors That Can Turn CO2 Into Other Molecules

Whenever the Space Agency is ready to send humans to Mars, they will have to take many things with them. When it comes to important resources, you cannot take them out of... Read more »

Best Mosquito Repellents that can Protect Kids from the West Nile Virus

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A Terrible Future lies ahead of us Judging by the Climate Changes after the last Ice Age

A new study that was published in the journal Science shows how increases in temperatures will affect our landscapes in the next 150 years, based on an analysis of the significant changes... Read more »

New Stage In The Evolution of Young Solar Systems Discovered By Astronomers

Graduate student Yuki Okoda obtained a complex dataset on a nearby star from her professor Yoko Oya to help her with the Ph.D. thesis. But Okoda made a significant discovery on that shed more... Read more »

Microwave Weapons Were Used In the 2016 Attack of U.S Diplomats, Finds Study

The idea that a nation could use microwave radiation as a weapon dates back from the Cold War when Washington feared that Moscow would turn the technology into a mind-controlling weapon. The... Read more »

NASA Chief Says Manned Missions To The Moon Won’t Break The Bank

In a recent statement, Jim Bridenstine said that the crewed missions to the moon would not be as expensive as Apollo missions were in the mid-1960s. They wouldn’t even have the resources... Read more »

“Planet Nine” Could Be Lurking In Our Solar System, Said Astronomers

According to Surhud More, an astronomer at the University of Tokyo, there could be a ninth planet lurking at the edge of our solar system: “Every time we take a picture there... Read more »