Canada Has to Revamp the National Lunar Exploration Strategy

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently announced that Canada will participate in the new space exploration project devised by NASA. While the news should be great, some citizens will doubt the utility... Read more »

Pink Moon Illuminated The Night Skies on April 19th

Fans of our natural satellite were in for a treat this week as another full moon will be visible. The Pink Moon provided a spectacular sight on Friday. It appeared to be... Read more »

NASA Shared An Image Of Crab Nebula To Celebrate Hubble Space Telescope’s 29th Anniversary

Hubble Space Telescope is getting closer to its 29th anniversary and NASA it is celebrating this event by releasing some fantastic pictures from the Southern Crab Nebula. From the images released by... Read more »

SpaceX Recovered The Falcon Heavy Booster Lost In The Sea

The Falcon Heavy is a critical SpaceX mission, and it was finally launched on its first commercial mission. While the landings were almost perfect, there was an issue with the core booster... Read more »

Female Astronaut Will Set a New Record for Women

A new record is in the making as a female astronaut will spend almost a year on the International Space Station. Christina Koch will remain on the ISS for 11 months, getting... Read more »

New Meteor Strikes, This Time Over The East Coast

The sky above us gave a new show on Tuesday night, and it was seen in New Jersey, Virginia, and Egg Harbor Township, where people have recorded it on cameras. If you... Read more »

Antares Launched – Cygnus Cargo Ship Is Making its Way towards the International Space Station

The Antares and the Cygnus spacecraft launched on April 17th towards the International Space Station, carrying three and a half metric tons of cargo bound. The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket was lifted... Read more »

Why Life is More Stressful as it Gets Better

There is a lot you can criticize the modern world on, but in the first world’s case, life has gotten better. We are living longer, healthier lives. We have access to all... Read more »

Scientists Found Bacteria in A Meteorite From Mars – Was There Life on Mars?

A new study claims that bacteria traces found in a Martian meteor prove that life could survive on Mars. In 1996, NASA released a similar study, which noted that strands of bacteria... Read more »

NASA Plans To Send Moon Missions To The Lunar South Pole

New moon missions have been announced as NASA plans to land astronauts on the satellite within the next five years. The missions which took place during the Apollo era targeted the equatorial... Read more »