The First Carnivore Fish Appeared in the Jurassic

A team of researchers has discovered what appear to be the fossilized remains of the first carnivore fish. The fish appears to be a precursor of the well-known piranha species. Similar to... Read more »

China’s Launching a Man-Made Moon by 2020 To Illuminate Chengdu

How do you cut energy consumption? You replace street lights with a fake moon. That’s what the Chinese space industry has in mind for the citizens of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan... Read more »

Searching for Planet Nine – A Never-Ending Hunt

Scientists have long searched for what could be the ninth planet at the edge of our Solar System. The hunt for this dark and icy world, a giant planet that is assumed... Read more »

The Projected Life Expectancy for 2040, According to a Recent Research

A recent report, which was published on Tuesday in the journal The Lancet, reveals that by the year 2040 the average life expectancy in the world will be higher by 4.4 years... Read more »

New Study Explains How Dogs Understand Human Speech

Have you ever wondered if your dog understands you? Emory University studied this subject and gave a full report this Monday. The article was published in journal Frontiers in Neuroscience. The team proved... Read more »

Giant Discovery: Astronomers Found a Massive Galaxy Proto-Supercluster in the Early Universe

There is a massive supercluster of galaxies that formed just 2.3 billion years after the Big Bang, and it’s 11 billion light-years away from our planet. Astronomers named it Hyperion after one... Read more »

Stephen Hawking’s “Brief Answers To The Big Questions” Says Science is Under Threat

On Monday, Stephen Hawking’s voice was heard at a London launch event when his posthumous book “Brief Answers To The Big Questions,” was presented. The book was published on Tuesday, and it’s... Read more »

Deep Learning Explained – Added Clarity In This Term

Deep learning is a term that often appears alongside artificial intelligence. But what is deep learning exactly? And why is it so important? Read below to learn more. According to a well-known... Read more »

Superhumans to Destroy the Human Race According to Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking wrote in his last book Brief Answers to the Big Questions which was published six months after his death, about a new race of superhumans that will take over... Read more »

Could a Pandemic Like the Spanish Flu Happen Again?

A century has passed since the largest flu epidemic in recorded history has killed millions of people around the world, with a death toll that was larger than the one caused by... Read more »