The Secret Of Why Elephants Get Cancer So Rarely Might Lead To A Cure

Apparently, elephants are really good at not getting cancers and scientists have tried for years to find out how is that possible. According to new research, they are able of bringing a... Read more »

Changing our Approach Towards Obesity

Currently, there are as many as seven million adults living with obesity in Canada. As we know, obesity is closely connected to several chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2... Read more »

Galaxy Scarcity Discovered due to the Early Opaque Universe

Everbody knows that the Universe is kept together by a black cosmic web which nowadays has become almost transparent due to ultraviolet radiation. The web has not the same density over the... Read more »

This Mineral Can Remove CO2 from Atmosphere. Scientists Can Easily Produce It in 72 Days

Magnesite can naturally store carbon dioxide, but it is a slow and long process. Scientists have discovered a new way of creating magnesite. If they can develop it on an industrial scale,... Read more »

Trump’s “Space Force” Gets Full Support from NASA Administrator

Jim Bridenstine, the NASA Administrator, stated on Monday that he supports the military “Space Force” proposed by President Donald Trump. However, he added in an interview that the Space Force would have... Read more »

You can conserve half the planet without starving

Every day 386,000 new babies are born into the world and at the same time, according to scientists, between one and 100 species go extinct. These species mainly disappear because of habitat... Read more »

SpaceX Shows American Astronauts Are Ready To Get Back to Space

With so many delays, we can finally say that NASA will send astronauts to the International Space Station with an American spacecraft once again. Seven years after the Space Shuttle program was... Read more »

New Technology that will Revolutionize the Protein Analysis

A team of scientists from McGill University has recently announced that they developed a new technology which can streamline the analysis of proteins, making this process faster and more effective. Widely regarded... Read more »

CO2 may be Removed from the Atmosphere

Magnesite is the mineral which has the ability to store carbon dioxide, and scientist has found a quick way to produce it. The global warming effect of atmospheric CO2 can be minimized... Read more »

The Single Sample that can Detect Hundreds of Proteins

A team of scientists from the McGill University developed a new technology which might come in handy when it comes to the analysis of proteins. This technology offers a cost-effective, quick, and... Read more »