Scientists Invented a Device To Produce Electricity From Snow

Snow might become a source of electricity in the future. Researchers from UCLA designed a new device that can use snow to produce electricity. This is the first device of this type... Read more »

Planet Nine Is Being Hunted Down With Powerful Telescopes In Hawaii

The mysterious Planet Nine is being hunted down by astronomers. Lurking on the fringes of the solar system, it is hunted by powerful telescopes in Hawaii, to track down the mystery world.... Read more »

SpaceX Experienced A Small Explosion During a Dragon Capsule Test

SpaceX appears to have encountered some problems during a recent test which took place in Florida. The company stated that equipment was affected by an issue, possibly a small explosion, but there... Read more »

Vikram 1 Is The New Stratolaunch Competitor in the Satellite-Launching Aircraft Industry

On April 13th, the world’s largest airplane flew for the first time. The Stratolaunch plane, nicknamed Roc, hovered for a total of 150 minutes. According to Parabolic Arc reports, it reached a... Read more »

NASA Is Rushing to Launch Asteroid-Detecting Technology

NASA is rushing to launch its NEOcam infrared space telescope, an asteroid-detecting technology that will help spot asteroids that threaten to hit Earth, as it is a question of when, not if,... Read more »

Jupiter-size Star Produced a White Light Superflare, and the Astronomers Noticed It

Recently, a small star that has a size similar to Jupiter, a so-called Jupiter-size star, found 250 light years away from Earth, emitted a huge superflare. At that moment, the star released... Read more »

Mercury Has A Metallic, Partially Molten Inner Core, NASA Study Showed

During the latest NASA mission that took place on Mercury, the scientists followed their usual procedure for exploring a planet’s interior. Planetary scientists first notice the planet spins. Then, they measure the... Read more »

Canada Has to Revamp the National Lunar Exploration Strategy

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently announced that Canada will participate in the new space exploration project devised by NASA. While the news should be great, some citizens will doubt the utility... Read more »

Pink Moon Illuminated The Night Skies on April 19th

Fans of our natural satellite were in for a treat this week as another full moon will be visible. The Pink Moon provided a spectacular sight on Friday. It appeared to be... Read more »

NASA Shared An Image Of Crab Nebula To Celebrate Hubble Space Telescope’s 29th Anniversary

Hubble Space Telescope is getting closer to its 29th anniversary and NASA it is celebrating this event by releasing some fantastic pictures from the Southern Crab Nebula. From the images released by... Read more »