germany third gender gay bisexual lesbian

German Court Rules In Favor Of Third Gender

Germany’s highest court has ruled that the country must recognize a third gender, for those individuals who have ambiguous sexual traits or those who identify as neither male or female.   The... Read more »
danica roem Virginia Bob Marshall

Advocates Rejoyce Over First Transgender Lawmaker

Mark yesterday down as a moment in history as on November 7, Danica Roem became the first ever transgender lawmaker to ever be elected to such a position. Virginia voters could not... Read more »
libya women dead italy

More Than Two Dozen Women Die While Fleeing Libya

In horrific news out of Italy it is being reported that more than two dozen women have been found, dead at sea after a shipwreck off the coast of Libya a few... Read more »
quebec niqab faces challenge constitution

Advocates Fight Back: Appeal Quebec Face-Covering Legislation

Controversy is brewing in the province of Quebec as a challenge to the constitution is on the way, over legislation approved last month that makes it manditory for people to uncover their... Read more »
michelle obama toronto equality

Michelle Obama Coming To Toronto

Michelle Obama is coming to Canada! On November 28 in Toronto’s Mattamy Centre, the former first lady will take to the stage to promote education and equality for girls and women as... Read more »
Joann Ward Texas shooter Sutherland Springs church

Advocates For Tighter Gun Control Up In Arms Following Texas Massacre

A Sutherland Springs church goer is being called a hero today after he interveened during a shooting spree during morning service, saving the lives of many in the process. The man, whose... Read more »
lgbtq refugees Canada

Advocates Question Government Commitment To LGTBQ Refugees

Although Canada is a pioneer when it comes to the ggrowing acceptance of the LGBT community, advocates are beginning to have doubts over funding issues that could reduce the number of LGBT... Read more »
Arctic road North West Territories

Canada To Welcome One Million Immigrants By 2020

Canada’s immigration minister has announced an ambitious goal of admitting up to one million immigrants into the country by the year 2020, which would bring Canada’s immigration up to approximately 1 percent... Read more »
Chennel Rowe Brianna Brochu Hartford University bodily fluids

Black University Student Victim of Racial Hate Crime

In some disturbing news out of west Hartford, it has been reported that a 19 year old college student has been charged for smearing bodily fluids over her roommate’s belongings in what... Read more »
Conor McGregor Homophobic Slur

Conor McGregor Apologizes For Homophobic Slur

Conor McGregor has found himself in some hot water after he was overheard using a homophobic slur while trying to console a friend after losing a fight at UFC Fight Night 118... Read more »