News Criticizing Transgender Study Removed By Brown University

After removing the news about a study on transgender youth from their website, Brown University received a lot of criticism. The study was written by assistant professor Lisa Littman and published last... Read more »

Toronto Pride Parade Took Place Amid Tensions Between the Police and the LGBTQ Community

The annual Pride Parade in Toronto took place last Sunday on the city’s streets. The streets were full of color and joy, but it also had a few tense moments. The marching... Read more »

The World Health Organization No Longer Considers Transgender People As Having a Mental Illness

After categorizing video game addiction as a mental health problem, the World Health Organization ruled out gender dysphoria as being a mental illness. Instead of seeing gender incongruence as a mental illness,... Read more »

Future Edmonton Pride Parades to Ban the Presence of Police and Military

The pride parade on Whyte Avenue was interrupted by a group of trans people and queer of color, who wanted to make known some of the issues with the Edmonton Pride Festival... Read more »

Why Was Edmonton LGBTQ Camp Cancelled?

Bad news for those that wanted to go to the LGBTQ2s+ camp in Edmonton. It has just been cancelled by the University of Alberta. This news was confirmed on Thursday night by... Read more »

No more “sir, madam” at Service Canada

Advocator has learned that Service Canada employees who interact with the public can no longer use the words “sir”, “madam”, “father” and “mother”. According to the documents we have been able to... Read more »
lady gaga cancels tour

Lady Gaga Cancels Tour

Lady Gaga cancels tour due to fibromyalgia pain One of the most vocal when it comes to the rights of the LGBT community Lady Gaga has just cancelled ten concerts to be... Read more »
jessica platt comes out

Jessica Platt Comes Out As Transgender

Jessica Platt comes out as transgender It is another first for Canada as on Wednesday hockey player Jessica Platt came out as transgender, which makes her the first openly transgender athlete to... Read more »
transgender troops ban

Say Goodbye to Transgender Troops Ban

American transgender troops ban about to be lifted American president Donald Trump has made it pretty clear that he is not a fan of anybody who identifies as transgender however starting on... Read more »
australia gay marriages

Australia Gay Marriages Are Now Legal

Australia gay marriages are now legal: couples rush to tie the knot It is now legal to get married in Australia if you are gay and couples wasted no time getting to... Read more »