Cholera Outbreak in Vancouver Infects Several People

Canada almost eradicated Cholera in the 1800s, when at least 20,000 people died. The U.S. CDC has stated that each year, worldwide, there are over 100,000 deaths from cholera. In March, a... Read more »

Researchers Developed a Special Patch to Detect Bacteria Inside Packaged Food

What if we’d go to a supermarket and see a patch especially engineered to tell us that the food we buy is 100% safe to eat? It would surely be a good... Read more »

An Employee from the Centers for Disease Control was Found Dead

Since experts have discovered the body of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention representative who vanished over 7 weeks prior, they will centre around sorting out his last minutes. Where was... Read more »

Brain Damage could be Caused by Exposure to Zika

Researchers at Emory University decided to test out what are the effects of contracting the Zika virus after birth on infant macaques. What they found out was very interesting. They saw that... Read more »

B.C. Nurse Practitioners Are Allowed To Prescribe Opioid Substitutes To Drug Addicts

Nurse practitioners in British Columbia are now able to prescribe substitute medication for opioids to people who are experiencing drug addition. Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, stated that there... Read more »

One Child Dead and Dozens Critically Ill With Lethal ‘Flu-Like Symptoms’ at Stoney First Nation, Alberta

On Wednesday, 4 April, police and paramedics arrived at a home on Stoney First Nation, after receiving a call about two sick children. One of the children was found dead in the... Read more »

Neuroscientists Say We’re Willing to Pay More for Our Food Cravings

You might have noticed that when you crave for something delicious, no matter how unhealthy or expensive it is, you’d pay for it. Thankfully, neuroscientists are on our side, blaming it on... Read more »

Cardiac Defects in Babies Tied To Post-Pregnancy Cardiovascular Disease in Their Mothers

Mothers that gave birth to babies with congenital heart defects could have a risk of heart problems later in life. They could have a heart attack or heart failure, warns a recent... Read more »

Injectable Bandage Developed by Researchers From Inspired Nanomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory

Great news for doctors, soldiers and whoever is in need of quickly treating a wound and stop the bleeding! Researchers at the Inspired Nanomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory have developed a bandage... Read more »

Investigation in Toronto about Reused Lancets in Blood Donors

It looks like there is trouble brewing in Toronto. Last week, during a health fair in Scarborough a pharmacy that was doing a free blood glucose level test has come under fire... Read more »