Too Much Fat on The Belly Increases Cardiovascular Disease, Researchers Say

Being a little overweight can increase the risk of cardiovascular events, but a new research presented on 20 April at the European Society for Cardiology shows that it’s also important where that... Read more »

Prototype ‘Artificial Mole’ Implant Can Warn Doctors of Early Cancer

Scientists from Switzerland have created a skin implant which is still in experimental stage. The implant will help doctors find early signs of cancers in patients. It will darken like a mole... Read more »

Are There Tungsten Deposits in Bones?

Another revelation by scientists from McGill University, which was made on account of scans taken at the Canadian Light Source, may wind up changing how the metallic component tungsten is utilized. How... Read more »

Junk Food Marketing Secretly Targets Kids On Social Media and on the Internet

If children are addicted to junk food, it’s because of the food advertising messing with the child’s brain. Many ads are directed especially to children, luring them towards unhealthy food. These facts... Read more »

A Bike and Google Street View Helps Seniors With Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Ontario

It’s called BikeAround, and it helps people from retirement homes to travel the world or to revisit places they cherish and remember. Starting as a project, this stationary bike with the Google... Read more »

Tetrachloroethene Case Study – Why Is It Important?

In case you haven’t heard about it, tetrachloroethene is the name given to tetracholoroethylene. It is also called perchloroethylene and abbreviated ‘perc’ or ‘PERC’. You might be more familiar with it if... Read more »

Ready For a Mission To Mars? Here Is A Problem You Never Thought To Encounter

Space flight is a challenge. We already know that astronauts face freezing temperatures, the vacuum of space, isolation, and radiation, but have you ever considered you might even lose your sight? Researchers... Read more »

4-year-old ‘Growling Like a Dog’, B.C. Naturopath Treated Him With Rabid Dog Saliva

A concerned mother took her little boy to a naturopath to help her with the boy’s behavior. The boy was aggressive at school and you hide under tables and growl like a... Read more »

HIV Sexual Transmission Could Be Stopped With a Vaginal Implant

A new medical device could help protect women from HIV infection during sex. Scientists with the University of Waterloo have developed a new technology, creating a vaginal implant to reduce the risk... Read more »

Immunotherapy Drugs Can Melt Away Lung Cancer

Drugs for immune therapy are able to give patients with lung cancer a new chance to enjoy life for some extra years, said doctors on Monday. They found that patients with lung... Read more »