Eating Disorders in Teens Increases the Risk of Depression and of Being Bullied

Researchers have recently published a study called ‘Longitudinal Associations Among Bullying by Peers, Disordered Eating Behavior, and Symptoms of Depression During Adolescence’, in JAMA Psychiatry. According to the study, eating disorders increase... Read more »

A Breakthrough in Treating Glaucoma: ‘Cannabis’ Drop Will Treat Patients While They Sleep

There’s a new eye drop that can treat glaucoma while a person sleeps. It contains a chemical found in cannabis. The newly developed formula is a better alternative to today’s treatment which... Read more »

Number Of Infant Drug Addiction Cases In WT Not Dropping

Cases of babies born addicted to drugs are unfortunately not decreasing in West Virginia, reports latest data released from the West Virginia Dept. of Health and Human Resources. The statewide rate for... Read more »

Scientists have Discovered how to Fix Alzheimer’s Gene

Alzheimer is a tough disease. More and more people are diagnosed with it every day and so far, no cure was known for it. However, we are living in the big breakthroughs... Read more »

Researchers Successfully Removed Alzheimer’s Gene From Human Brain

The dreaded illness could soon have a cure with the scientists’ recent breakthrough in genetics. They have successfully removed a gene that causes Alzheimer’s disease from a human brain. So far, there... Read more »

Is There a Doctor on the Plane? What that Actually Means?

With the number of people in planes is getting higher and higher, numerous people arriving on board with diseases and longer flights, the announcement ‘Is there a doctor on board’ is by... Read more »

Canada’s Famous Deli Classic Sliced Roast Beef Recalled Due Listeria Contamination

At the end of March, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced that they will recall Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef which was sold at Druxy’s Famous Deli outlets in Ontario. The products are... Read more »

Canada Raises A Red Flag, More Organ Donors Are Urgently Needed

This reminder came at a very difficult time for Canadians, after the Humboldt Broncos bus that crashed in which 15 people died and 14 other people were seriously injured. Logan Boulet, a... Read more »

British Columbia Warns People Of A Norovirus Possible Outbreak

The norovirus has been linked to the consumption of raw oysters so health officials from British Columbia have decided to shut down two oyster farms for an investigation into this matter. This... Read more »

Trial in British Columbia about Private Clinics and Health Rights

It looks like British Columbia is working hard to make medical care free for its residents. Starting this October, any doctor that is seen charging patients for medical procedures that are necessary... Read more »