Warning from FDA about Fecal Transplant with Drug-Resistant Bacteria

After the subsequent death of a patient that received a fecal transplant, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns about the drug-resistant bacteria. The fecal transplant is a frequent treat for Clostridium... Read more »

Limit to Human Endurance Set By A New Study Focused On Athletes

A new study has found that people who exercise long enough or take part in events such as Ironman triathlon or ultramarathons regularly push their bodies beyond their limits, and they all... Read more »

Processed Foods Might Cause Diseases and Premature Death

Two different pieces of research issued in The BMJ connected the consume of factory-made foods to a growing risk of cardiovascular diseases and also an increased liability of early death. These ultra-processed... Read more »

Ebola Strikes Again in Congo and Makes Hundreds of Victims

Since August, more than 1,000 people from eastern Congo have died because of Ebola according to a statement provided on Friday by the health minister of the country as efforts to contain... Read more »

A Recent Study Suggests You May Need to Bring Food Allergy Medication to Restaurants

Everyone likes to eat out every now and then — even folks with food allergies! Restaurants can be a great source of entertainment. They offer you a meal you don’t have to... Read more »

ESA Operations and NASA Have Joined Forces to Save the World from Asteroid Impact

April 29 announce the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference from Washington Dc, where all of the world’s asteroid experts are coming. The meeting plans are to participate in a test; a hypothetical asteroid... Read more »

Oregon House to vote on a non-medical vaccine exemption​ bill

A bill that will remove the non-medical vaccine exemption for school children is heading out to the Oregon House, after a committee authorized the proposal over the opposition of hundreds of parents.... Read more »

CDC identifies a ‘kissing bug’ in Delaware​

The “kissing bug”, also known as triatomine, holds within a disease that can evolve into chronic health problems and even death, in extreme cases, and it spreads the disease in an alarming... Read more »

A Measles Quarantine Affects Two Los Angeles Universities

More than two hundred students from two Los Angeles universities have been exposed to measles. The problem is that no information about them being vaccinated or immune can be verified. The issue... Read more »

Fungi Threatening Astronauts: Causes Of Concern

Even in extreme conditions that don’t seem very friendly, life still manages to flourish, which always leave scientist baffled. The latest event of this kind is that of the fungi that were... Read more »