Smoking Stops The Body From Fighting Cancer, Makes It Less Likely To Survive

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Smoking Damages Vision, According To A New Study

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If You Can Do 40 Push-Ups You May Have a Healthy Heart

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Everything You Should Know Before Trying a Plant-Based Diet

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New Depression Treatment Gives Hopes To Patients

Scientists at Lawson Health Research Institute, in London, Ontario, gave hope to patients with depressive episodes as it came up with new depression treatment. The researchers carried out the world’s first randomized controlled trial... Read more »

Marijuana Edibles Might Trigger Heart Attack In Old Adults

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Instead of Being Poked with a Needle – You can Swallow this Pill

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A New Theory Claims that Aliens will use Lasers in Order to Contact Us

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Babies’ Hearts Could Be Affected By Climate Change

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Report Shows Nearly 48% US Adults Have a Form of Cardiovascular Disease

  A new report published on 31 January in the American Heart Association (AHA) journal Circulation shows that almost half of the US adults have a form of cardiovascular disease, be it... Read more »