Drug Kills ‘Zombie Cells’ And Fights Aging, Patient Trials Show Impressive Results

Fighting against aging has always felt like something unattainable. Until now, when scientists have tested a drug on patients and got “impressive results.” It’s been years since scientists have learned about senescent... Read more »

Overeating And Drinking In Excess Might Trigger Gout

Overeating and drinking in excess can trigger gout, according to the specialists, thanks to a new study. The doctors recommend people to maintain a diet as balanced as possible and, if they already... Read more »

Best Diets in 2019, According to Scientists

We’ve heard about Keto, Paleo, Pegan and many other tips and tricks on how to lose weight while also being healthy. But with so many trends out there, what should you choose?... Read more »

Study Shows Half Of Adults Who Think They’re Food-Allergic Are Not

When something you ate made you feel ill or the body has a strange reaction, you think maybe you’re allergic to something or that food has gone bad. Usually, most of the... Read more »

Social Media Is More Harmful To Girls’ Mental Health Than To Boys’

Another new study linked social networks use to depression and other mental disorders in teenagers. According to new research, social media is more harmful to girls’ mental health than to boys.’ The... Read more »

Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario Urges Parents to Have Their Children Immunized

In a news release from the Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario, doctors have asked parents to include in their new year’s resolutions an important step: to get their children immunized. Immunization is free... Read more »

Risk of Death From Brain Tumors Is Higher in Men, And Scientists Found Out Why

According to a new study, increasingly more men die from brain tumors in comparison to women due to different genetic risk factors. That means, scientists said, the risk of death from brain tumors... Read more »

Monitoring For Opioid Overdoses: HopeBand Can Save People’s Life

Every day in the US, 130 people die of an opioid overdose, according to the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There has to be something out there to... Read more »

Space Travel Is Not Shortening Astronauts’ Lives, A New Study Revealed

Previous studies revealed that space travel might cause some severe conditions in astronauts engaged in deep space journeys. Even more, some researchers concluded that traveling in space for long periods might shorten... Read more »

FDA Advises Parents to Stop Using Necklaces and Bracelets as Teething Remedies

No child would ever remember the pain they went through when teeth were coming out, but most parents won’t ever forget this experience. The baby is going through a lot of pain... Read more »