Men At Higher Risk of Early Death Due to Work Stress

Researchers found that stressful jobs impact more men than women. The risk of early death in men with heart problems or diabetes is increased, add the study authors. The study was recently... Read more »

Doctor Saves Woman’s Life: He saw Her Cancerous Lump on TV and Tracked Her Down!

One day, Dr. Erich Voigt was relaxing while watching TV. Little did he know that he will end up searching for a woman to save her life. Voigt is an otolaryngologist at... Read more »

France Is Building a Revolutionary ‘Alzheimer’s Village’ To Let Patients Roam Free

French patients that have Alzheimer’s disease will get a village of their own. They will live in a village that has stores, small shared houses, hairdressers, a library, gym and even a... Read more »

Major Study Says Most Breast Cancer Patients Can Skip Chemo

Many women with a common form of breast cancer which is in the early stage can skip chemotherapy without lowering their chances of getting better. A major study used genetic testing to... Read more »

‘If the ocean dies, so do we,’ Said Margaret Atwood On The Future of The Ocean Ecosystems

Margaret Atwood, the renowned author, has recently attended the Under Her Eye summit in London. There, she commented on our future, which is linked to the oceans. Plastic pollution has gotten out... Read more »

Canadians Born Between 1945 – 1975 Should Test For Hepatitis C

Over 250,000 Canadians live with hepatitis C without knowing about it. So, liver specialists recommend all Canadians to get a blood test to see if they have the virus. Doctors recommend all... Read more »

Curing Alopecia in Turkey: Hair Transplant to Look and Feel Better

Hair loss, a condition known as alopecia, is affecting both men and women in this whole world, causing frustration and self-esteem issues among others. The causes for which this health condition occurs... Read more »

‘CustomFlex Artificial Iris’ Approved By the FDA: It Corrects Vision and Changes Eye Color

A device that replaces the iris through a surgical intervention has just been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It’s called the “CustomFlex Artificial Iris,” and the company that received... Read more »

E. Coli Outbreak Kills Five People, almost 200 Sick in the U.S. After Eating Romaine-Lettuce

In the US, tainted lettuce caused a national food poisoning outbreak, killing a total of five people. Health officials have stated that there are almost 200 other people sickened after consuming romaine... Read more »

‘A Game Changer in Ovarian Cancer’: NHS Fund Approval of Treatment With Niraparib

A drug that can prevent the recurring of cancer could be a “game-changing” treatment for thousands of women. The NHS has approved this drug a year and a half earlier. The National... Read more »