Cellular immunotherapy: Experts Reprogrammed Human Skin Cells Into Immune Cells To Battle Cancer

For the very first time, a team of researchers at Lund University in Sweden has successfully been able to reprogram mouse and human cells as well into immune cells that are called... Read more »

A New Test Can Detect Cancer In Just 10 Minutes Using Gold Particles

Cancer remains one of the most devastating diseases on Earth, especially since there is not cure for it. Therefore, cancer prevention can be vital. It is not always simple to detect it... Read more »

Bad Sleeping Habits can Lead to Cardiac Problems

Sleeping habits, including the number of daytime naps, can influence the appearance and evolution of cardiovascular disease according to a recently published study. The research explored the relationship between sleeping patterns and... Read more »

Researchers Swallow Lego To Calm Parents That It Will Eventually Be Eliminated

It’s all for science. Six researchers in Australia and the U.K. have swallowed a lego head and then recorded how long it took to eliminate it back out. The average time was... Read more »

A new preventive drug could reduce Alzheimer’s cases by 50%

A team of American researchers is working on an Alzheimer’s vaccine that could dramatically reduce the appearance of new cases in the following years. Positive results have been observed during animal trials.... Read more »

Hindering the Movement of Tumor Cells Blocks Cancer from Spreading

A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota has recently made a break-through discovery. They employed an experimental model that was able to halter the spread of cancer after the movement... Read more »

Insulin Shortage Could Affect Millions of People in the Future

In less than 12 years 40 million people that will require insulin in order to treat their type 2 diabetes are unlikely to be able to get the drug unless steps are... Read more »

Remove Carbs Instead of Calories for a Healthy Diet

A new study that focuses on weight loss notes that overweight people on a low-carb diet were able to burn more calories, up to 250, when compared to others that were on... Read more »

Antibiotic Resistance Is A Global Threat Which Must Be Addressed

The flu and cold season is here, and most likely a lot of patients will be going to the doctors seeking prescriptions for antibiotics even if the drugs are useless against these... Read more »

Neck Scans Can Find Early Dementia Signs Based On Pulse

Latest research shows that a quick scan of the neck could spot people who are at higher risk of developing dementia before the symptoms even appear. Experts have been using ultrasound scanners... Read more »