Researchers Discovered a Synthesized Form of Carbon – the Cyclocarbon

The discovery is coming from a team of researchers from the University of Oxford and IBM Research from Zürich. Their final research leads to a synthesized ring of 18 carbon atoms, and... Read more »

Ancient Natural Antibiotic Production and Resistance Discovered

A recent study from McMaster University has revealed new details about the evolutionary history of antibiotic production and resistance and dates their existence as far back as 350 to 500 million years.... Read more »

The Antioxidants in Chocolate can Reduce the Risk of Depression

Chocolate has always been a delicatessen for those who have a sweet tooth. It has a unique, rich and sweet taste, being savored by millions of people every day. Chocolate have been... Read more »

Mosquito-borne Virus Fatal To Humans Spreads Across Florida, US

While summer is supposed to be a time of leisure and resting, there is one thing that can turn it into something fatal. The warm season is the time most mosquitoes go... Read more »

A New Treatment for Cancer Found in the Cuttlefish Ink

Researchers found that the black substance used by cuttlefish to frighten the predators contains something interesting, which are nanoparticles that could inhibit the increase of cancerous tumors in mice. Pang-Hu Zhou, a... Read more »

Inflammatory Diet Is The Leading Cause Of Colon Cancer

A team of researchers from several organizations, including the Molecular Mechanisms and Experimental Therapy in Oncology program from the Bellivitge Biomedical Research Institute and the Catalan Institute of Oncology elaborated a new... Read more »

Officials Are Working to Find a Cure for Ebola

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently published an encouraging study that showed that the antiviral remdesivir and the antibodies from the ZMapp treatment were successful in fighting... Read more »

Ancient Viruses Reactivated And Cause Neurological Conditions​​

Ancient viruses, now small traces found in our DNA, could cause certain neurological diseases. Researchers explain how transposable elements or transposons, are extents of DNA that hold within the capacity to drift... Read more »

Sugary Drinks And Fruit Juices Might Boost Cancer Risks

A new study claims that the daily consumption of a glass of sugary drinks can increase cancer risks, according to data collected from several 10,000 adults. Fizzy drinks have been criticized quite... Read more »

Collagen Health Benefits for Keto

Every year, millions of dollars are spent by consumers on collagen. But what exactly is collagen? Collagen is an essential and major part of protein in the body. Making up for 25%... Read more »