New Technology that will Revolutionize the Protein Analysis

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The Single Sample that can Detect Hundreds of Proteins

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How Did the ‘OMG Particle’ Came Into Existence?

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The Cause Behind Nosebleeds According to Scientists

60 percent of people have at least one epistaxis, or how we call it, a nosebleed, and they have no idea why. Out of nowhere, there is a little thread of blood... Read more »

AHS on the Mission of Cutting Down Unnecessary MRI and CT Scans

The people from Alberta Health Services look to reduce the unnecessary MRI and CT investigation. This is a provincial initiative and so far it is on the course of reaching its goal.... Read more »

Scientists Stumbled Upon a Drug that Supposedly Stops Weight Gain

For the purpose of a study, scientists at Yale University tried to create a morbidly obese mouse. However, their mouse started to eat a lot but didn’t get any fatter. Supposedly, that’s... Read more »

Dads Can Also Experience Postpartum Depression

If you thought that only mothers could experience depression after giving birth, a recent presentation at the American Psychological Association tells us that fathers can be affected by it too. Anxiety and... Read more »

The Common Aspirin Could Help Prevent HIV

The Aspirin is an affordable pill that can be found all over the world. But how can it prevent transmission of HIV? Scientists from the University of Manitoba in Canada tested the... Read more »

Cancer Treatment Can Become Less Toxic as AI Uses ‘Self-Learning’

The men and women of science from MIT are looking to incorporate state of the art machine-learning techniques in order to improve the lives of people diagnosed with glioblastoma, a terribly aggressive... Read more »

An International Rescue Operation Involved Delivering Antibiotics to a Killer Whale

Experts from Vancouver and all over the world are trying to save a killer whale, part of an endangered species, just off the West Coast. They injected the young mammal with much-needed... Read more »