Meghalayan Age – New Addition to the Chart of Earth’s History

A new chapter in the history of Earth has been officially announced. What is more important is that Meghalayan is the most recent period in the 4.6 billion-years-long existence, which started some... Read more »

Physical Boundaries Are Important for Employees’ Productivity

Removing cubicles from an office and turning it into an open office might not be a good idea. A new study analyzed these offices and it revealed that tearing down walls reduces... Read more »

Donald Trump Criticizes other NATO Members Ahead of his European Tour

Before the start of his long-awaited European tour, the U.S. President Donald Trump decided to openly criticize some of the NATO members for not contributing enough to the common safety. During his... Read more »

Statistics Canada Shows Almost Half of Canada’s Incarcerated Youth are Indigenous

Almost half of the young people in Canada who end up in custody are Indigenous, shows a report released by Statistics Canada. The data from Statistics Canada shows that 46% of Indigenous... Read more »

B.C. Puts Together an Advisory Council For Protection of Wild Salmon

Wild salmons are at risk, and now the B.C. government introduced an advisory council to deal with this problem. They will develop recommendations for a strategy to protect the wild salmon. Premier... Read more »

Astronomer Names Minor Planet After Vancouver First Nation: the Tsawout Asteroid

Harvey Underwood is the proud Tsawout First Nation Chief who now gets to look up at the sky, knowing that the name of their community has a place among the stars. Somewhere... Read more »

People from Chile Complaining That the British Leave Their Region Dry of Avocados

UK interest for natural product expanded by 27% a year ago, provoking allegations that cultivators are illicitly diverting rivers and leaving local people without water. British grocery stores are offering a vast... Read more »

Tsimshian People’ Ancient Genomes Revealed New Facts About the Native Americans’ Evolution

As reported by Health Thoroughfare, studying the ancient genomes of the Tsimshian people revealed traces of their past, showing that almost 6,000 years ago, the population started to constantly decline. The study... Read more »

Cholera Outbreak in Vancouver Infects Several People

Canada almost eradicated Cholera in the 1800s, when at least 20,000 people died. The U.S. CDC has stated that each year, worldwide, there are over 100,000 deaths from cholera. In March, a... Read more »

Western Canada Island Hid 13,000 Years Old Human Footprints

Archaeologists have recently discovered human footprints on a beach on Calvert Island, northeast of Vancouver Island, Canada. These footprints appear to date back to 13,000 years ago. That would mean these are... Read more »