China Has the ‘Riskiest Environmental Project in History,’ According to a Distinguished Researcher

Renowned Professor William Laurance from James Cook University, Australia, recently stated that China’s new environmental project could be catastrophic. He is a global expert on infrastructure and said that China’s project poses... Read more »

The Mysterious Jellyfish That Looks Like a Plastic Bag Is Finally Caught on Camera

Studying sea creatures that live in the dark depths of the ocean is quite difficult, but technology has evolved, and we can now shed some light on the mysterious creatures. Researchers have... Read more »

NOAA Scientists Discovered Hidden Bamboo Corals Deep Inside the Gulf of Mexico

When scientists of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were charting the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico, they accidentally made a huge discovery. Hundred years old bamboo corals live deep... Read more »

NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System Shut Down by Trump Administration

Gas emissions are a real problem for our planet and CO2 levels continue to grow every day. Despite these problems, it appears that officials are not interested in helping. In fact, thins... Read more »

The Ice Stream in Greenland Has Been Melting for Many Years

The ice stream in Greenland has been analyzed by researchers for quite some time. However, only recently they discovered that the stream was melting for many years, despite what they believed. There... Read more »

A New Stage of Globalization to Weaken the Efforts to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

New research uncovers that the development of carbon production from Chinese fares has impeded or switched, mirroring another period of globalization, between nations which continue to develop that, could undermine universal endeavors... Read more »

Pregnant Women Exposed to Air Pollution Associated with a Higher Blood Pressure in Their Children

New research published in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension shows that mothers that were exposed to air pollution during the third trimester of their pregnancy increased the risk of their child... Read more »

Deer Ticks That Carry Lyme Disease Can Survive In Freezing Winters, Say Researchers

Even though Mainers went through a harsh and long winter this year, researchers have discovered that the deer ticks that carry Lyme disease have no problem with enduring the freezing temperatures. This... Read more »

‘Allergy Explosion’ In the US Is Linked to Climate Change

Americans are struggling in the pollen season, while allergies act up causing rhinitis and the so-called hay fever. People with severe allergies experience symptoms like itchy and burning eyes, runny nose and... Read more »

NASA Sent Stunning Images of Eruption of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

Scientists had captured stunning images of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii when it started erupting ash and lava. They used ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer), which is on the Terra... Read more »