Apparently, meteorite impacts lead to forming our oldest rocks

When meteorites hit our Earth, they brought extreme temperatures with each impact. That’s how some of the oldest rocks from our planet might have formed. Examples, please Let’s take, for example, the... Read more »

Another Night of an Intense Meteor Shower with a Chance for Good Weather

There is still hope for all those who have missed the chance to observe the annual Perseid meteor shower, as Monday night marks the end of the peak of the shooting stars’... Read more »

It Seems That We Can’t No Longer Prevent a Hot Earth

We apparently exceeded the time allowance for reversing what we did wrong with our planet. The ‘Paris Agreement’ is the last hope we have to save our planet and our species. This... Read more »

Report Shows Earth Risks Entering Irreversible “Hothouse” Conditions

To avoid the “hothouse” conditions, humans must do more than reduce emissions of greenhouse gas. The planet is close to reaching these conditions, and we’ll experience a rise in global temperatures by... Read more »

The Planet Melts This Summer

The outrageous warmth that numerous Canadians have encountered this summer could be a look into the future, as a climate expert said in an interview. Condition Canada’s David Phillips cautions that the... Read more »

The Perseids Meteor Rain on 11th and 12th August

Annually the Perseids meteor rain allows stargazers to see somewhere between 60 and 70 meteors from hour to hour. So regardless of whether you’re a person who likes astronomy or not, you’re... Read more »

Canadian Researcher Finds Plastic Degrading in the Ocean Is a Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

They don’t just pile up on the beach. Plastics end up in the ocean and start slowly degrading and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. This was the discovery of a team of researchers... Read more »

By 2080 A Lot More People Will Die Because of Severe Heat Waves

A study analyzed how humans will adapt to the hotter temperature, and the results were not pretty. According to the paper led by researchers at the Monash University (published on 1 August... Read more »

Record Temperatures: Fires have Occurred Due to Environmental Changes

The heat waves are changing again the temperature records on the globe. Europe endured its deadliest out of control fire in over a century, and one of about 90 expansive heat in... Read more »

Key Information Discovered in the Radiation Maps of Jupiter’s Moon Europa

In their search for signs of habitability and biosignatures, scientists have drawn up a new more comprehensive map of the radiations bombarding Jupiter’s icy moon Europa and they understand better now where... Read more »