whitebark pine tree lake louise

Lake Louise Charged For Cutting Down Trees

Advocates for a healthy environment are taking note as tomorrow, lawyers representing the Lake Louise ski resort in Alberta will appear in court to defend the company after they aledgedly cut down... Read more »
super moon perigee Sunday

Supermoon Sunday Is Here

Star gazers are getting ready to get their gaze on as today marks the first and last full moon of 2017. The “super Moon” or perigee Moon as it is also known... Read more »
earthquake south korea exam

Earthquake Postpones National Exam In South Korea

Students across South Korea preparing to take a major exam that will either get them into university or not, are twiddling their thumbs after their exam was postponed following an earthquake.  ... Read more »
Arctic road North West Territories

New Road Links Tuktoyaktuk To Arctic Coast

If you live in the North West Territories it will soon be a heck of a lot easier to get yourself to the Arctic coast if you so choose, as a new... Read more »
new delhi air polution smog

New Delhi Called a Gas Chamber By State Chief Minister

Businesses, schools and public establishments are closed across New Delhi due to polution levels that have made it very dangerous to be outside your home. A public health advisory was issued yesterday... Read more »
ohio tornado

Ohio Hammered By Six Different Tornados

One tornado is bad enough but can you imagine being hit with six? This is exactly what has happened in the northern and western part of the state of Ohio, with devistating... Read more »
Catherine McKenna climate Barbie The Rebel

Climate Barbie Catherine McKenna Calls Out Rebel Reporter

Twitter was abuzz on Friday after Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna went on the offensive on Friday, demanding that Rebel reporter Christopher Wilson stop referring to her as “climate Barbie.” She confronted... Read more »
climate change global warming Donald Trump

Federal Report On Climate Change Flies In Face Of Trump

Scientists from 13 different federal agencies are behind a new report released today that flies directly in the face of the Trump administration. The report, the Climate Science Special Report states that... Read more »
Julie Payette Governor general climate change horoscopes

Governor General Julie Payette: We Have To Remain Vigilant

With the crazy year of weather we have had, it is shocking that there are still people out there who deny global warming exists or that our climate is changing but these... Read more »
hole in ozone layer NASA Antarctica

NASA Says Canadian Hole In Ozone Layer Is Shrinking

The giant hole in the earth’s protective ozone layer is apparently shrinking, according to a new report released by NASA on Thursday. The ozone layer, which is such a vital protector of... Read more »